Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Microwaves use radiation to cook!

OMG! Special now on ACA...

Microwaves use a form of radiation to cook food - people should be careful.

The nong presenting the segment actually interviewed a mother who is concerned at how much radiation stays in the food. No one corrected that, but they did say that if the microwave leaks it can be dangerous.

Bloody hell, people are stupid!


Minicapt said...

Microwave oven is a specialised radar set. Back in 1940 or so, the Brits began working on what would be 'millimetre wave radar' and ran into the cooking effect. As a result, one of the engineers volunteered his wife's best cookie recipe as a testing medium for their designs. Knowing details of the desired end result, a proper cookie, they could assess the performances of various emitter designs.


kae said...

Thanks for that Mini, but I knew it already.

It doesn't use nuclear radiation which was the implication from the idiots on ACA as they didn't correct the woman who expressed her concerns.

I also know that the radar units in the nose of many aircraft are very dangerous to stand near (in the wrong place) as your innards can be microwaved!

stackja1945 said...

Kae, the ALP rely on these stupids. We must be understanding.

Stevo said...

tin foil mustn't be used in microwave ovens, just on your head ... solved

TimT said...

Well that got a laugh out of me - did they have footage of Chernobyl/the atom bomb/Fukushima to really drive the hysterical point home?