Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where I live... funny noises... clever dog!

Where I live there are wonderful sunsets...

And the blue-banded bees are back for the autumn... lots of them. The wind came up after the first two photos.... oops!

Floyd, the Wonder Dog has been teaching me some stuff lately. The other day I heard some really strange noises and I had no idea what they were. Strange noises. Finally I realised where the noise was coming from. Checked Mr Floyd and he must have been having a dream... his front legs were running and running... back legs were still. Funny little boy! That explains why his bed (foam rubber inside a sugar bag) is falling to bits!

He has his different barks and noises to tell me stuff. I'm still learning. He tells me he's stuck with a funny little bark. Then there's the "Alert!" bark, for frogs and toads. The "I'm farken freakin' out" bark with the leap inside when I open the door if it's something scary - snake usually. Then thisafternoon there was a strange new one that I have never heard before.

I went to the back door and had a good look around, I hadn't before. I'd opened the door and said hello to him, then went back to take the milk out of the car. Then I had the call of nature. He was making the noise when I was in the ensuite. I told him to hang on, I'd be there soon. He shushes for a while then. He's very patient with me!

I was just about to go out and see what he was making the noise about and the phone rang, just as I saw.... well, look for yourself...

Dead as a mullet - probably poison, but no marks or mess from Floyd. Good boy!

He's soooooo cooooool!
And he knows it!
NOTE: There's something wrong with blogger tonight, I can't get the huge spaces out from between the bits about Floyd and his pix. Will fix it tomorrow. Seems to log me out before it saves changes.

FURTHER NOTE: I think I've worked it out. I now have to use the HTML screen to sort out formatting, it won't work in the Compose screen... danggit!


bruce said...

Great pics and story. Aaah, giant killer bees!

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

"then went back to take the milker out of the car"

Why the devil does she keep her milkers in the Isuzu Bellett?

Unbelted Friesians in the front seat tend to fly about a bit when yer go over bumps in the road.

(leave now Mick, fastly)

kae said...

You're hallucinating again. You been on the piss tonight.

Funny story, friend's ex sent a group email to everyone about a petition to shut down pokies in pubs or something set up by getup.

I replied:
I wouldn’t piss on getup if they were on fire, no matter what their cause.

Do you think that may have been a bit, er, severe?

kae said...

Hi Bruce.
He's a cute, smart dog! I love him to bits!
The sunsets here are glorious, I filmed all around but can't upload the video, will need to do it on the hub at work tomorrow if I have time. My connection is not reliable.

Merilyn said...

Severe Kae? When it comes to Getup, that is perfect.
Wonderful photos, hi Floyd, handsome as ever. Clever boy.
Cheeky Mick!!!

TimT said...

What a smart dog.

It's fun discovering the new sounds animals make in different circumstances. I came across on the net recently youtube of a dog that moos like a cow.

Our cats have several variations on the basic miaow, including a trill when they want something of us, a loud miaow when they want us to let them in/notice something (eg an insect they have caught), and the more alarming semi-yowl when they go after an enemy.

Minicapt said...

Chem-trails, just saying.


missred said...

seeing those pictures of the sunset makes me wish i had gone with the sprog to oz