Friday, April 29, 2011

Update: Televisual wasteland that is "The Royal Wedding" Friday night viewing

I just want to see the dress, then I've got three vids to watch.

The Channel 9 coverage with Dame Edna is a scream. Her comments on the PM's outfit were hilarious.

"Oyster and navy, not  everyone's colours... but to each his (or her) own." Apparently Gillard favours Carla Zampatti - how can Zampatti allow her out dressed like that? (I'm sure I've seen that jacket before!) 

On the hat, "It looked like... a dish. Or something that just smacked into her head." (paraphrased slightly as I've forgotten the exact words)

Mother of the Bride.

William on his way.

Kate is in the car. Gorgeous, from what I can see. Alexander McQueen, by Sarah Burton. Simple and stunning. Reminiscent of Princess Grace of Monaco's wedding dress.

Oh, and Gillard wore a mish-mash (who would guess). (google "gillard wedding outfit") Here's another shot, with video, too!

She's there. William turned to her and said something (I missed it), and then said "You're beautiful", or "You look beautiful".

About Kate's wedding dress.

Silly hats the order of the day, this breakfast talking head (married to Peter Fitzsimmons) really bit the biscuit for silliness. Photo: Karl Stefanovic (winner of a Logie I believe), and Lisa Wilkinson.


kae said...

i'm still watching the Friday night wasteland.


I love weddings.

Minicapt said...

1. William- Captain, Irish Guards.
2. Harry- Captain & ADC, Blues and Royals
3. Phillip- Colonel-in-Chief, Grenadier Guards
4. Charles- Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy.
5. Andrew- Commodore, Royal Navy
6. Edward- DnF

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Beckham, OBE, wearing his medal on the wrong side.

Merilyn said...

Loved the dress, so much more simple then Diana's.
Hated the hat on Gillard, when they cut to her, said, "what the hell is she wearing on her head", then again some of the other hats were umm, yuk.
Only intended watching up until the bride arrived but ended up watching it to when they arrived at the palace.
Enjoyed it.

kae said...

Me too, Merilyn. I think we're wedding addicts!

Some nong who was commentating (definitely a lefty, from moron, er, morning TV), said of a decorated, uniformed individual "Oh, his badges look shiny." (Or OOOOoh, hasn't he got a lot of shiny badges!) Nitwit!

Yes, Mini, but I was cross about it being on all the channels - however, on Nine it was a scream. However, as soon as 9:30 arrived the telecast was cut for the football. No balcony kisses last night for the nine viewers! (I had to change to Ten for the balcony, which occurred one painful hour later!)

Merilyn said...

P.S. Loved the point where the Queen poked Phillip to get into the coach near the end, made us laugh.
You are right Kae, love a good wedding.

kae said...

I think Diana was still a child and naive when she married. Catherine is a mature woman and has more experience of the world than Diana, being older and having led a much less-sheltered life.

Diana wanted the princess wedding to the prince, Kate wanted to marry her love.

I hope that Kate and Wills will be very happy and that their love lasts. They are obviously in love by their body language. It's a shame that they cannot display more openly their closeness - although there were signs in their quiet communications during the ceremony and after.

Did you detect that William was trying not to have a fit of the giggles when they were saying their vows? Kate was keeping it all together, but William looked like he was going to burst out laughing.

Merilyn said...

Yep, Kae, like the twinkle in Harry's eye to.

Just home from the nephew's funeral.

Skeeter said...

Early this morning on ABC 24, the announcer referred to the new titles as the "Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge".
He tripped, slightly, as he said "Dutch", but made no attempt to correct it.
I can only assume that it was written on his teleprompter.

ORPO1 said...

Caught parts while getting ready to go to work. I usually have Fox and Friends on along with the early news on KTLA 5 out of LA. LA is "local" for SE Kern County on my satellite service.
I like Gretchen Carlson for the most part but she was a bit overboard at times on Friday.
As for the bride......drop dead gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

kae and Merilyn - listen to you two go on!

You remind me of the shoe shopping expeditions conducted by any combination of my wife plus three daughters plus a daughter in law - the most ill defined and aimless activity known to man! And, like youse, theyse also are educated, intelligent, capable adults who each have their own business - aaaaargh!

Just one of 'em – just one - is capable of applying an engineer's logic with clear criteria, specific requirements 'n stuff. She's the one I choose for my Christmas shopping - in and out in a maximum two hour pre-planned sortie with a strategy and targets defined by her. All I must do is follow as a wallet and working buffalo - Lord, she even does the EFTPOS bit (‘cos she’s the one nominated to hold the tears and immediately clean out and hide the loot the moment I cark it, so the gummint misses out!) This one conducts a decade long debate with 5 year older senior girl daughter in law as to who is most in charge of me – it’s like watching Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir arguing who is tougher!

But those two are as you two – umming and aghing about bloody shoes. The missus has a rack 7 shelves high taking up a third of one wall to park the damn things. Beautifully built, I’ll add.

Does Alexander McQueen host Deal or No Deal? Is Sarah Burton a swimmer or hurdler?

And the clincher – “William turned to her and said something ... "You look beautiful”.” That’s what he’s been told to say! By some trusted advisor (like my No 2 girl) even while he’s really thinking “Let’s get this palaver over with quick smart - gees I’m going to enjoy a big drink tonight, paid for by your father and with some other mug as designated driver! How good is that!”

Fibbing works a treat – for years a mate of mine answered that silly girly “Do you love me?” with “I told you the answer to that the day we were married – I’ll let you know if it changes.” His missus (now sadly widowed) once saw me with flowers on Mothers Day and cooed and carried on, to which he responded “Last time I bought you flowers you stuck ‘em in a vase and let ‘em die! Anyway, you’re not me mother.” I used that line too. Once. (they actually enjoyed the most happy, successful marriage I’ve seen)

What makes a “gorgeous wedding dress” - is there a specification where I can read, measure and objectively assess? ... I explained to a friend when Missus Mick got some must-have red strappy shoes last year and how, a while after when she asked me “How do I look?”, I suggested she wear the red strappy shoes.

“Oh no, they’re way too slutty!” was the response from li’l missus dark-chocolate and hair-to-the-waist drop-dead-gorgeous and lots of years younger who appears as late 30ish. And the friend looked at me, as I told the tale, not in astonishment but in complete agreement!!!!! Yet another business dynamo, a strong and practical NZ Cantabrian the same age as my eldest girl, demonstrating brain deadery!

But I have their number, don’t you worry about that! I see a shoe shop and walk straight ahead, with the determined and purposeful stride of a natural born leader providing unequivocal guidance as to what they too should do. The silly chuggers always get lost though when I do that, and find me later on, can’t work that one out ....

Gees it’s just as well I remain as undisputed family head in complete control, running the show unchallenged, preparing the son to provide even greater dictatorial direction when I pass management of their lives to him! (... Mick saunters off, stage right, whistling)

Mick Gold Coast QLD

kae said...


So, you're saying the bride was uggers?

Gorgeous dress, beautiful bride - I have seen some awful dresses in my time!! (And some ordinary brides, too.)

Anonymous said...


loved it!
any wedding that's not mine, is OK by me.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Lord no, kae.

I was only having a giggle at you and Merilyn for being all girly about the wedding I saw exactly nothing of!

I wouldn't know what she looked like, blonde or brunette. I'll defer to the greater expertise of your good self and that of your mate-ette Merilyn on whether she looked the part.


Merilyn said...

Oh she was beautiful all right Mick. You missed out on seeing her equally beautiful sister, who almost outshone the bride.......your loss lad.

Oh and let's not forget those beautiful black horses that were around the carriage as they were escorted back to the palace.