Tuesday, May 3, 2011

25% green power for just $1/week

A power supplier has this advertisement with a bloke sleeping on the couch with his ceiling fan whirling above him. There's an electricity bill on the pouffe near his feet.

The voice over blathers about how he's saving the environment by using 25% green power for just $1 a week extra.

We know that this is nowhere near what the power would cost, so it's being subsidised by everyone paying much more than they should be for the power they're using now. If they're only paying $1/week more for this green power and the electricity company is paying the owners of solar who put it back into the grid much more than the price paid for power by the plebs.

We know that there is no way that 25% of the power supply can be generated by green means 24/7 so that's a con, too.

The information supplied on 25% green power at the site is rot, too. For example, "you too can save 1/4 of your GHG generation by doing this"... who knew!?!?!

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cav said...

I wonder if the voice over guy is saying THAT with a straight face?