Monday, May 30, 2011

Sprung Mum today...

Arrived last night at about 8:30pm, stayed the night at Aunt and Uncle's near Parramatta....

I did NOT bring the rain. It was raining from the Kurri Kurri exit on the motorway (just spitting) when I got there, and as I travelled further south the weather just got worse. It was a thunderstorm, but the rain hasn't stopped - it rained all night! I slept like a log as I didn't sleep well on Saturday night.

AY 55 SK, white Holden Commodore wagon will one day plough up the arse of a truck doing 120-130 in the slow lane on the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway. (This is just a warning!) It will be that or he'll clean some poor bastard up in the centre lane when he has to dodge other vehicles travelling slower than he is in the SLOW lane and the lane next to it.

I saw plenty of great photo opportunities but didn't have time to stop and snap! Maybe on my way home?

Floyd and Meg are kennelled at a local place, where they went when after the night of the snakes a while back. I missed them on the last night I was home.
I just found out that I haven't been back down here to Sydney since 2008! That was ages ago!


Pogria said...

Hi Kae,
glad your mum's better.

Are you going to be at your mum's house this week?

I'd like to come by and catch up.

Text or email me and I'll call as soon as I can.


Merilyn said...

Flooding in NSW, yep Kae has arrived. [Heh]

Did you find a good place for the dogs or did you bring them with you?