Saturday, June 4, 2011

Avoca Beach, NSW. Saturday 4JUN2011

Spent today at Avoca Beach and in that area. The surf was "pumping", and there were plenty of people with zoom lenses taking shots - some spectacular images were on the news tonight.

A nicely framed shot.

Just out of sight, beyond the rocks on the right, the surfers were waiting to catch "The Wave". I'm sure the surfers were all named Bob.

The dark dots just beyond the rocks are Bobs, waiting for "The Wave".  There is a surfer almost in the middle of the photo, and several to the right of the waves, you can see them if you enlarge the image.

Another nicely framed image however the spray mist was more evident in this photo. The surfers come into the beach on a wave then climb up the bank near the surf club and walk to the first point of rocks, just above the two people walking together closest to me on the beach.

Now you see them....

and now you don't!

This image was taken on my phone, to tease MDFD, who called me a b-thing. She was only jealous!!

Thanks to Ken for a great day at the beach. I can recommend the Malaysian restaurant in the shopping strip at Avoca Beach, too. And the cafe in the Surf Club.


ORPO1 said...

Looks like an awesome place! Maybe someday......Never been to Australia....

kae said...

It is a beautiful place, and really spectacular with the wild surf. It was Saturday and the place was alive. We had breakfast at the surf club, the large building on the beachfront where I mention the couple closest to me as pointing to where the surfers jump off the rocks back into the surf after riding a wave into the beach.
Trust me, there are many beautiful places to see in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I had hopes to get there when we were stationed in Hawai'i, but just never happened. *sigh*

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

ORPO1 and prairiecat55kc - Our kae has showcased an especially attractive place an hour or so north of Sydney CBD, a distant work-commuter destination on the Tasman Sea.

It was a sleepy mecca for surfers until a real estate boom about 15-20 years ago, when many of Sydney's corporate chiefs bought new luxury weekend apartments and paraded for each other at the nouveau riche coffee shops (a bit like Noosa). There was an old independent film house then but I don't recall the surf club. The splendid beach sweeps around for about a mile.

I used take a house at adjoining McMasters Beach each January for a couple of weeks for my four during their teenage, and whichever of their friends wished to visit or stay (I think it got up to 30 or so on New Year's weekends). I'd be on call and could slip back to Sydney readily, hoping all the while that they'd not do something stupid 'til I returned.

It is a simply beautiful, peaceful place with lots of good memories. I suspect it is somewhat more urbanised now, with lots of rules.

Merilyn said...

The last photo Kae, is that just on dusk, or early morning?
Avoca Beach is very beautiful.

We stayed at Terrigal a few times, and enjoyed that to, but the last time I saw [a few years back, after nephew graduated from Uni, and we had lunch with him] it has grown, think I liked it better the way it was.

kae said...

I left Mum's at about 6am yesterday and arrived home at 6:30 in the evening.
A good trip, not too much traffic.
Photos were taken on the journey, one lot from Moonbie lookout, the others just random shots from the car while driving - point and shoot!
I'll put them up later, I have to get the furry kidz back (and go to the shops) first.

kae said...

Last photo was dusk - gotta gooooo!

Merilyn said...

Gotta gooooo! Well ok when you get back, tell us how the kids are, bet they were pleased to see you.

Welcome back Kae.