Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'll tell you what's Un-Australian.

I've run out of Vegemite.

And keep forgetting to buy it!


Zardoz said...

Buy it???

I thought you just scraped if off the bottom of your shoes after mucking out the barn.

And, yes, I tried it during a trip to Alice back in the 80's. Definitely an acquired taste.

kae said...

Vegemite. The problem is that too many people think that they should eat it like they eat peanut butter.
A very thin scrape is all that's needed. It's very, er, strong.
Oh, and it's not from mucking out the barn. It's from mucking out the beer vats!

Merilyn said...

You forgot to buy the Vegemite?
Cooper [dog] would never forgive you, he has Vegemite toast every evening at 5pm, and he lets you know if you are late.

1735099 said...

Vegemite is a Kraft product. Kraft is US owned -
The product is no longer Australian.

kae said...


No shit, Sherlock?

1735099 said...

No shit.

Anonymous said...

What can one say?

to both you forgetting to buy and the inane comments of numbers.


kae said...

Hi Beekeeper! I was thinking of you last week when I was munching on a delicious Olden Golden crumpet with butter, honey (that honey I mentioned ages ago), and peanut butter.It was delicious.
I had a passing thought, wondering how you were!
I found some info on how to attract the blue banded bees to my garden, but I need to buy a few bits of hardwood and drill some holes in them, but I don't think I have a large enough diameter bit.
I'll get there, eventually.

Minicapt said...

Be nice, beekeeper.
NumberLad has been a headmaster, several times. He knows of things.


Carpe Jugulum said...

No Vegemite................for shame

Merilyn said...

Ah, see that 17 is here, the bloodnut blog pet troll.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

When we visit Mrs Mick's glorious Asian village a box of "Mick food" gets sent a few weeks in advance - containing breakfast cereal, coffee and vegemite.

We eat here each day as if she never left there and I have white fella food perhaps once a week. But I cannot do cold rice and a fish head for breakfast - nuh uh!

I intone her to eat something really nutritious and vitamin rich, such as Nutri Grain or Weet Bix and vegemite on toast, but she goes with the rice. :) And the cold, dead fish head.

kae said...


Cold fish head? Ick.

Did you try putting vegemite on it?

tee hee

sdog said...

"I've run out of Vegemite."

The dropbears likely got at it whilst you were away.

They do that.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Incidentally - Mrs Mick's culture is quite fixed on relative roles. The husband's task is to go out to work and sustain the family; the wife's is to make that happen and to manage the loot.

When we are home her sisters give her a right royal bollocking if I am seen anywhere near the kitchen, for not properly looking after me. We smile and fall into line.

My eldest sister in law long ago appointed herself responsible for ensuring, when I'm there, the only thing I need do is pick up the chopsticks to eat what has been prepared and placed before me, and replenished as she deems necessary.

Some of the mate's wives here used be astonished at how my wife chooses to act (also as a symbol of her control of all that occurs under the home roof) and she used give them plenty for their corner for not being similarly assertive and responsible about their roles!! They've learnt better about her way over the years.

There ain't no struggle for womens' rights in Mrs Mick's culture, the females are in control and that's that.

Too funny - such is our ignorance and failure to recognise and accept legitimacy of another way.

With that knowledge I watch in horror the manner in which the Federal government here in just the past three months or so has delivered deep insult to Japan (over managing volcanoes for Pete's sake!) Malaysia on handling millions of people to best suit their circumstances, Singapore on the Stock Exchage JV (that was plain old fashioned ALP White Australia Policy), the East Timorese on cashed up illegals and Indonesia on EVERY abbatoir in their country being BAD, BAD, BAD.


PS ... and we won all three grades yesterday Merilyn :)

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

"Cold fish head? Ick." you say kae and I say hear hear!

They do cold bok choy, brocolli and other greens too for breakfast (double "Ick"); and when we visit the beach nearby they walk into the water fully dressed, for modesty, but stand up near the tree line afterwards naked as babies chattering for an hour as they dry off afterwards! It's the same when they are home - 4 stunning sisters walking about wearing pluggar all, except when sitting to eat.

You'd have loved their alarmed reaction years ago when they first saw Mick drop his gear to Speedos, dive in and swim. They fish and putter about out to sea on long narrow boats but cannot swim much and are fascinated at how it is done. They're all gorgeous brown things and laugh so at the acres of white flesh on display.

I tell them they are quite mad as monkeys, in their dialect, and they laugh and laugh and laugh at the joy of it all.

Merilyn said...

All three grades Mick! Very good.
Did you see the note I put up about John Sattler's 1970 Jersey on Tim's blog and how it has turned up on e-bay for sale? Remember it was reported stolen, it was the only Jersey he never gave away.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Saw that Merilyn (thank you) so I chased down the reports in the sports columns and blogs to find it appears the dodgy bloke he gave it to for mounting took his opportunity to profit, the grub.

They are treasured things and of no worth to those who did not earn them, when pinched like that.

I've probably noted before that I've met John Sattler here through a mate now dead (the great Peter Gallagher, who captained Australia from QLD back in the '60s) and found him to be a true gentlemen every time. His welcome grin is broad and genuine, hands as big as dinner plates and ever so chivalrous to the child bride. Ken Arthurson and Roy Masters are much the same - the latter is sometimes as a cheeky kid who loves having a go at my rugby preference over league and chuckling proud as punch at my appreciation of his clever use of words in his columns.

Pedro Gallagher used try ever so hard to get me interested in League again, after I turned my back on the game for booting my beloved Souths back in the '90s.

Scott Sattler is fair dinkum a clone of his father, in appearance, personality and charm (although that cost him the best job he'll ever have with the Titans, for allocating a wee bit too much of it to a major sponsor's wife).

Carpe Jugulum said...

I've got the same deal as Mick, when we visit the in-laws in Japan i have my supply of Vegemite, crunchy peanut better and vita-wheats.

Although brekky is usually red bean rice, omletes and smoked fish.

*note* I love red bean rice (don't tell Lady Jugulum that) :)

missred said...

for shame, kae. even this yank has vegemite in the cupboard ;)

Merilyn said...

Yes Mick saw awhile ago that you had met John Sattler and also "Lurch", so what did you think of him?
Good tracking down by the way.
Cold fish head? Oh well everyone to their own.
My Dad loves fish head soup.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

"Lurch" was quiet and wary, Merilyn, a private fellow who sadly went way too soon. The funny thing meeting these boyhood heroes is that I, at a mere 6 feet, was taller than each of them. Through my teenage eyes I used see them as giants!

John O'Neill was built just like Noel Kelly, who I encountered running weekend motor launch hires up at Wisemans Ferry (?) years ago, and had the easiest smilingest manner imaginable for a bloke who was good at dishing out hurt squared.

Wow, you take my thoughts back to a time when I attempted to fashion my game on what I saw these mighty champions do. South's Dennis Pittard was our high school captain and a lot of the boys there went on to play grade for Canterbury or Wests. I captained (rugby union!) under Warren Ryan (who taught me of front row and life, taking leadership and excellence for which I remain ever so grateful) and David Waite was our half back. He went on to play for the Kangaroos and coach Saints.

In my corporate days my company annually sponsored national sports star awards and I'm fortunate to have hosted many of the top end sportsmen several times over. I liked the master, Jack Gibson, he exuded personal strength. In several discussions with him he focused on you being the most important person in the conversation, not him. There were so many - Waugh S was cautious like Lurch, Greg Matthews had studied at Jack's school of sponsor relations ( :) ) - a good 'un, Sir James Hardy an "old money" true gentleman, the encyclopaedic Norman May*, Topo, commentator Billy Birmingham - a super bloke who quietly did everything possible plus more for his sister making her difficult way in disabled sports.

* in another role, for my professional institute, I had Norman in as conference formal dinner speaker. Arrived at midday after drinks on the plane, retired to his room with a bottle of black Russian, re-appeared thirsty for 6-ish drinks, consumed 3 bottles of red by himself as we ate together and then ... spoke beautifully without notes for an hour and took questions for near an hour, on all sports. He was very, very good and the fellows' wives spoke about his excellence for years after.

Thanks for listening :)


Merilyn said...

It was a pleasure Mick, "Lurch"was my cousin.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Aha Merilyn - your affection for the Rabbitohs is genetic! I wonder were you raised up in northern NSW too?

I feel quite sad when these once indestructibly strong young men are struck down. I admired and respected him, having taken such joy from the exceptional work he and his mates did together on the field - it was most important to a young man en route. As I recall Lurch was involved with Gary Stevens and another forward in a successful building or renovation business in the Eastern suburbs.

Pedro Gallagher was constantly on the job leading an ex-players organisation which supported and sustained those who were sick and down on their luck. It was a passion and a duty to him. His requiem mass was like John O'Neill's funeral, "sold out."

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Yeah, thanks kae, a cup of coffee would be nice while I have a good conversation here at your place with Merilyn. Good of you to ask. :)

kae said...


You know where the kettle is... as my family says "Are ya arms painted on?".

Merilyn said...

Thank you Kae, I'll have a cup of tea while I'm here. It was good to hear about John from another source. Mum and Dad were at his funeral. [I was over here in S.A.and couldn't make it]

prairiecat55kc said...

Mick, Merilyn, Kae, I'll fix us all a cup, while I listen to you all chat...this is so nice. Thank you!

kc in NEFL

Merilyn said...

P.S. Born at Penrith Mick, parents at that stage lived at Glenbrook, on your way up to the Blue Mountains.
Dad was teaching at the school there, [in between WW2 and Korea].

cav said...

I'm more of a Promite man myself.

I think it is the secret to my good looks!


Minicapt said...

May I accuse Cav of being a Tasmanian, but no devil?


Merilyn said...

Good morning Kae, just came over for a early morning cup of tea.

Now tell us have you bought the new jar of Vegemite yet......Cooper wants to know?

Promite Cav?

cav said...

No thanks mate I'm still in bed.