Friday, June 24, 2011

Echoes from the past

I haven't been very posty lately as I received an email from an old... friend last Wednesday and, well, I think my old  friend needed my undivided attention in my spare time. I'll call this friend L.

The last five months for L have been hard. A broken relationship and a job out in the middle of nowhere.

Already it seems that the job side of things is picking up, it seems L is being headhunted for a good job in a field he is familiar and happy in.

As an aside, as  I'll be winning $30M on 16/7/11* I'll be telling my employer where to bash the job, too.

*I've had all the omens.... table 30 twice, and then seeing the 30 for the  lotto draw... but the chance is I have misread the portents and  I'll win $30.



Anonymous said...

Some of those echoes don't diminish much with time, do they, Kae?

I've heard it said that we don't really learn anything while the going's good - it's when the going gets tough that True Character is revealed.

Having recently re-discovered the Love I felt 30 years ago - after I thought everything was done from his side - I can attest to the words I often speak: NEVER say Never.

Merilyn said...

You are a very good friend Kae and feel sure that L has been pleased that you were in his corner.

No about that Lotto win that could come up don't forget the rest of us..................