Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AB's blog a politics-free zone, why is it so? Update II

I received an email from my Aunt who is concerned with Bolt's "Politics Free Zone" posted today.

This is very odd. Gillard phoned News Corp about Glenn Milne article which was subsequently removed from the Australian website. It is being reported she threatened legal action. If Bolt is being silenced and Milne then we should all be very worried about the abuse of censorship!!

Will Tim Blair be next?
Bolt had a piece on his blog with extracts (scanned) of an affidavit from a union official which outlined the crooked goings on in the union.

Catallaxy has had items about this recently… see links below.

It has been redacted from Bolt's site. (See Bunyipitude link below…)

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt’s post, up since the weekend, also has been redacted, despite many thousands of people having read the now-excised portions. The bits vanished are from the affadavit.

On the radio front, 2UE’s Michael Smith appears also to have had something resembling a lawyer’s hand clamped over his mouth – although this broadcast remains available.

Parliament, however, cannot be gagged nor Hansard trimmed of potentially embarrassing material. Readers curious to learn more about the lifestyles of other Fitzroy residents should go here. Make a point not to have a sharp object under the chin because the reference to $17,000 worth of dresses from Town Mode is guaranteed to make the jaw drop.

Oh, and well worth checking out is Catallaxy’s thread.



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Ben Fordham interview with Andrew Bolt and Paul Howes.

Update II:
Another Bunyipitude piece. http://bunyipitude.blogspot.com/2011/08/from-retreat-to-rout.html in Prof Bunyip's piece he links to all right all right for this: http://allrightallright.blogspot.com/2011/08/another-story-you-may-not-read.html.


Merilyn said...

There is a stench starting to come from this Labor Government, they seem to be rushing everywhere to close down any sort of comment on the Julia Gillard back ground, so as I have said elsewhere what on earth are they worried about?

Now what did Rudd know, that Julia has let him have his own way in his portfolio?

stackja1945 said...

Lionel Murphy revisited?
Lionel Murphy Wikipedia Court cases and controversy

Minicapt said...



Merilyn said...

UPDATE from DT on Pier's blog re Andrew Bolt, ...."but I did not want to act in anger or before matters had been resolved". He will be back tomorrow on the political reports.