Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daniel Morcombe - bones identified 28 August 2011

Update 28 AUG 11:

Today it has been announced that the bones found near Beerwah are the remains of Daniel Morcombe.
This is an article from today's Sunshine Coast Daily in which a few interviews with Bruce Morcombe are quoted.


21 AUG 11:

Today I survived Open Day 2011. I've sat down in my arm chair (I may never get up again), in front of the TV to watch a program I taped this morning and the news I see is that bones have been found in the area where they are searching for Daniel Morcombe. (I'm not sure if I saw it in the recorded program or just before I put it on.)

Daniel Morcombe, 13, was abducted  just before Christmas in 2003. Daniel has a twin brother, Bradley.
I feel sad and glad for his family. Mixed blessing for them. Now they know where Daniel is and they can lay him to rest.
News item.


Merilyn said...

Breaking news, the bones are Daniel's. Heart breaking for his family.

stackja1945 said...

"Heart breaking for his family." Yes!
At least they know.
Now the trial.

Anonymous said...

Yes, his family now knows he's dead. Any hope of a miracle, granted in the few documented cases where abducted children have been found alive after many years, is gone. Now there is no hope left to cling to.

How devastating. How crushing. How soul destroying for his family. And all they have to bury is three bones.

That darling boy's face has haunted me all these years. Maybe because I have a grandson who is remarkably similar in looks, and has the same first name, I have felt deeply for Daniel and for his family and hoped with them that, against all odds, there just might be a miracle one day. Now, all hope is gone and his family has to deal with burying what little of his body remains.

Worse, they will be struggling anew with thoughts of what he must have suffered, and wondering for the ten-thousandth time what his last thoughts and words might have been.

No punishment could be too severe for his abductor and killer.

Vale, Daniel Morcombe.