Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daniel Morcombe - person of interest in custody, charged with murder

Breaking news at 6pm on 9.

They will cross to the press conference when it happens.

Apparently the person of interest is a convicted paedophile.

Courier Mail.

A 41 year old man has been charged with the murder* of Daniel Morcombe.


Video of press release from Queensland Police here.

*charges are: murder of Daniel Morcombe, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent dealings with a minor under 16, interfering  with a corpse.


Merilyn said...

Will await the outcome before making a comment, may Daniel now RIP.

stackja1945 said...

My comment echoes "Will await the outcome before making a comment, may Daniel now RIP."

Minicapt said...

… then hang the guilty bastard.


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

8 years to get this far tells me something is very wrong with how the law is administered in paedophile investigations. The signals I’ve seen are that the police had a pretty good idea who knew what early in the piece and, in those circumstances, this protracted period suggests the law is utterly mis-used to protect them (lawful process, burden of proof and such). The coppers are on a hiding to nothing.

Over the years I have learned from contemporaries who went into the police force and from a crew of gay mates (I describe them to them as “extraordinarily happy fellows”) of the intrigues and blackmail used within that group to take advantage from knowledge of involvement of people in powerful public positions who are secretly involved in that practice.

They assure me the paedophile mob (who they despise as much as I do) are downright sinister with their protection techniques and in their preparedness to implement them.

I recall the National Times (I think) revealing way back in the early ‘70s existence of a paedophile ring in another State including in its number judges and magistrates, alongside business leaders. It had legs for a bit but was quietly killed off, as also happens whenever specific information comes forth involving people of influence. I’ve seen since the fact is well known.

There are some bad mongrels in society. That they are so driven in their daily lives by what dangles from their belly offers a very obvious method of discouraging this lot. Together with a village square appearance.

Merilyn said...

It was S.A. Mick, and they were known as "The Family", and even today they are still investigating those that were involved, one that came up fairly recently was a doctor who had moved interstate, but once again all has gone quite, on just what evidence there was.
Can see the point if they want to take it to court, so as not to lose once there, but hope it is not more sinister, like a cover-up.

kae said...

The coroner's inquiry was only conducted this year!
That's when the Morcombe's were subjected to the horror that is the paedophile underworld.
I can't find the Coroner's Findings in this inquest, probably because they were looking for P7, Brett Peter Cowan, who was arrested in Perth on Saturday last. (The suppression order on the name of P7 was lifted by Queensland State Coroner, Michael Barnes, copy and paste link below:

Azza said...

Brett Peter Cowan (aka Brett Peter Cohen / P7) is named in the files. It notes that he received 7 years in 1994 (3.5 years non-parole) for raping a 6 year old boy and had previously served 14 months for molesting a 7 year old boy in Brisbane (

With an over 95% recidivism rate, why on earth aren't tougher sentences handed out? IF we accept it is a disease, that is unable to be successfully treated, why are these 'diseased carriers' released into the general population to destroy lives? There is no maybe about it, the overwhelming majority of released predators re-offend, that is the nature of the 'disease'.

Why aren't such people treated the same way leprosy sufferers (another previously 'incurable disease') were treated? Sent to otherwise uninhabited islands and left to live out their lives? There are only two options, they are recidivist monsters, or the victims of an 'incurable disease'...

We also need a royal commission into the apparent willingness of Judicial Officers to continue to allow these people to be given inadequate sentences. With the history of the legal profession in the NT & SA and the involvement of some individuals in this, something has to be done. The Courts have to lock up child predators for realistic sentences, before outraged Parents start taking the law into their own hands (lack of respect for the Courts is precisely where that comes from).

Anonymous said...

the people who did nothng that day cause me sleepless nights sometimes, we must act and stop being so weak and cowardly