Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Global warming leads to... II

The world is warming to hell and the Great Barrier Reef is bleaching to death....

So why do they want to make sunburn tablets from an algae which grows  on the coral and protects the coral and the fish from UV?

This is hilarious if only because of the contradictions to "AGW will destroy the GBR" which are in the article. More information.

And you know that if you check the "related links on the right of the screen at the Guardian link above you'll see that there are plenty saying the reef is doooooooooooomed. Check out the link titles and dates:
10 Jul 2008 - One third of reef-building corals face extinction, study shows
7 Jan 2010 - Coral reefs crucial to origin of new marine species, finds study
7 Dec 2010 - Coral reefs 'could disappear in our children's lifetime'
24 Jul 2008 - Coral grief

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