Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Global warming leads to....

This is priceless. The contradictions are amazing.

First, global warming is revealing areas of the Arctic which are rich in gas, oil and minerals, usually not accessible as they are under tonnes of ice.

Second, the accessibility of these mineral and fuel riches  mean that they can be mined cheaply enough to make them viable.

Third, because the Earth is warming to hell and the Northern Sea Route is now open the mineral wealth can be transported easily around the world....

Read  it  here!

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Wand said...

LEXI METHERELL: Neil Hamilton has had a long association with international policy in the Arctic.
Among his roles has been leading the World Wildlife Fund's work across the region.
He's now an associate professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University.
He says while the North Pole is still widely imagined as a white wilderness that's no longer the case.

NEIL HAMILTON: Well there is a rush going on right now.
The rush is not just oil and gas, it's also shipping. The transport route through the - across the north coast of Russia, called the North East Passage or the Northern Sea Route, is seeing dramatic increases in commercial shipping.
We're seeing increased fishing activity as different fish move north as a result of climate change and we're seeing dramatically increased oil and gas exploration.

What a load of cobblers! ROFLOL .. Just contrast this nonsense with this story.

Oh well, at least Hamilton -- associate professor (!@##!) is in good company with foolishness at the ANU.