Saturday, August 20, 2011

grey water pump

It's now been off for a week.

The tank is rank.

(OOOh, poetry!)

Today I've managed, after several failed attempts, to get the siphon working. Now I'm doing my washing and so on.

Every time I call the electrician he says he'll be here that afternoon.

I know he's busy, but I'd prefer to know when he can fit the visit in rather than him bullshitting.  If he doesn't want to do the job he should just suggest I call someone else.

My ex is an electrician. He's sat all the tests and passed, but they won't give him a licence because they want to know where he learnt his trade. Wagga Wagga trade school with the RAAF doesn't seem to be good enough, and that really, really stinks to me.

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