Saturday, August 20, 2011

computer scammers

Last weekend I received a call from "Max Walker", who sounded rather like Rajendra from the call centre. He introduced himself and mentioned the words virus, computer, internet connection. I said "No." and hung up.

I received several hang-up calls during the evening and following day.

On the Monday (a public holiday here), I received another call from a woman purporting to be from Microsoft and mentioning the same virus, computer, internet connection. Again, I said "No!" and hung up. That day I also received several hang-up phone calls.

On Thursday I was home ill and decided, after some more hang-up calls, to phone Telstra and complain.

I was first directed to the "Do not call" register. I stated I was  already on that, and that these  were scammers so they wouldn't  be consulting a "Do not call" register prior to trying to  con people. I suggested that, many years ago when I worked for Telecom, there was a service called  Interception, where incoming calls to a number could be intercepted and monitored. The details of the caller were taken and then the call was  put through. Usually anyone without a legitimate reason to be calling would be  frightened off.

Eventually the Telstra rep gave me the number for the "Unwelcome Calls" section of Testra. But they're only open beewen 9 and 5.

I love the way that, when you're waiting for these service (and I use that word very loosely) areas of large companies to answer they keep playing a tape which tells you how important you, as their customer, are.


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