Thursday, August 18, 2011

social networking and real friends

I found this piece by Skepticlawyer.

It linked to this:

I've wondered about my real-life friends, I have one who seems to think that they should all be buddies, but she doesn't understand the dynamic of friends. Different friends support me in different ways.

There are the ones who know what I do  at work and I can vent and unload and complain about things at work and also get advice and input about work issues.

There's the friends who can help me out if I need some kind of assistance (for example, pick up and delivery to hospital for procedures or appointments when I can't drive myself).

There are the ones who were my friends when I was a teenager, and they know me pretty well. They all have their different outlooks on life. They are all very different and have led different lives, and taken different paths, but their common link is me.

Even though I don't see them often (they are spread over Australia) or speak with them often, they offer me support in different ways when I need it.

I  really need to get my act together and send the gifts I found for my friends a while back. But some assembly is required and that's what's holding me up!

My life is richer for these friends.

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