Thursday, August 18, 2011

Separated at birth


Merilyn said...

Gee Warney there is not a single line on your face, how do you do it? [Sarc]

He was a very good bowler, but his personnel life was, [and I am being nice here,] say the least a bit of a mess.

Merilyn said...

Kae, have just been having a look at Elvis that Caz put up on Pier's blog, and strolled back playing other songs, and was struck by how his life went down over the years, until his death, and once again you see a man with a wonderful talent, but with a personnel life, that was a bit of a mess, and thought just how much he and Shane Warne have in common, and that is sad.

Anonymous said...

Merilyn, I think Shane has more sense to look after himself health wise, than unfortunately Elvis did.


Merilyn said...

Fair enough Mark, let's see how it all goes.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters, I liked his bowling and general ability as a sportsman and cricketer, but would not put him on a pedestal as a paragon of human virtue.

But I wasn't married to him nor did I follow in his footsteps, never had the chance, besides I'm a bit old fashined, but then again some of his conquests were not exactly that hard to attain.

Money and fame does it all the time for some women.


Anonymous said...

Very very interesting Merilyn.

I had know idea that SW worked in personnel. I do too !

As far as his personal life I only know what I read in the tabloid and gossip media. Do you really know him personally?
Thats so very Cool.

But also very sad that he is in such a mess. Can you elaborate about that? How do you know him? I am so impressed.

But most importantly when you said 'LETS SEE HOW IT all GOES'
Do you know something we don't?
How long has he got left?
I hope he is ok . He is a Legend.
Robert of Bungaree

Merilyn said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for pointing out my spelling mistake, [personnel-personal], it is an error I often make.
No I don't know SW, just observed him over the years, as a young man who was fresh faced and seemingly happy with his life, to a man that seems now to be searching for something that is missing, after all he had a family and life should have been good for him, but for some odd reason he always seems to be looking for more.
Have no idea about his health, as far as I can see all appears normal at this stage, and yes he is a Legend when it comes to cricket.
Have a good day.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Warnie was right up there with the manliest of sporting icons, Boonie, Dennis Lillee, Ron Barrassi et al.

Now you would sidle away from him if you saw him in the front bar of your local.

What the hell happened?

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Nicely said Merilyn however a smart alec who finds it way too challenging to use correct grammar, and to spell correctly, is unworthy of a retort.