Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boating... spending my inheritance

Good Lord! I forgot!

Friday morning through the fog of the pre-alarm wakefulness I heard my phone's distant (it's only in the faily room, but it is distant if you're half asleep), bleat... a message...

After I'd woken and faffed around for half  an hour I remembered the message on my phone.

Mum SMS:  I'm at the airport. My bag hasn't got enough stuff in it. I don't know what I've forgotten.

Me SMS: Where are you going?

Then the phone rings (the terrible noise of a "dive" alarm on a submarine - appropriate for my Mum's calls!).

It's Mum, of course. She's on her way to a European cruise, the one she was supposed to go on when she had her surgery in May this year. We chatted for a while. I asked when she'd be back, early September she'll be back. I asked her to send my postcard as soon as she got there so that it would beat her back... I also told her, like everyone else, that if she'd forgotten anything she should be able to buy it at a pinch. The weather should be lovely over there, coming into autumn.

MDFD said that I should have told her that the space was for all the pressies she'd  be bringing back for us (which is what my sister in law also said!).


Merilyn said...

Good for her hope she has a wonderful time.

Minicapt said...