Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring is sprung.... II

Of course, with spring come the weeds. The grass at this end of the house dies back and the weeds take over in the winter. I must spray it with weed 'n feed although they'll die off  sooner rather than later. In the winter this end of the house gets very little sun, it's the western end of the house and the sun doesn't rise high enough to shine here in the winter.
Oh, look! It's Meg! She's always jumping around wanting me to throw the ball or feed her. Okay, she always wants to be fed.
Mmmmmmmm mulberries! I had neighbours years ago from SA, they didn't know what mulberries were. Duh?
Ahhh. There are about four mulberries on the tree at this stage. I'll need to prune the lower branches so I can mow around them this summer. I'm a bit wary of spiders and wasps though. Arrgh!
There you go. That's about half the ripening crop at the moment. Should be a good yield from the mulberry trees this spring as they have had plenty of water and the ground is still moist.

Almost caught a bee in the grevillea. I'll need to prune these, too. One is growing over the top of the BFS and if I cut the branch it may rip the guttering off. The other one is growing over the pergola and I need to cut that branch off as it gives rats access to the ceiling... yuk!
A white azalea which is almost ready to flower,  maybe tomorrow!
A mauve azalea which is nearly ready to bloom.
I have more photos in the camera and more I want to take,  but the battery is flat... so I'll have to post again later.


Boy on a bike said...

We had some flowers come out too. I heard the youngest say, "red flowers" behind me as I was doing some weeding, and when I turned around a few minutes later, there were bits of red petal scattered all over the grass, and not a whole flower to be seen.

Ah well.

Merilyn said...

Hello Meg you are beautiful to.

Wonderful photos Kae, like the ones over at Andrew Bolt's to, the before and after.