Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring is sprung...

From my garden...

Azaleas - I can't plant them  in the ground, they have to be in pots as the soil is wayyy too alkaline.

 Here's a ring in. One of my two port wine magnolias (in pots, of course).
Ahhh, the jasmine blooms tell me that spring is here, the jasmine has been blooming since early August. I love it. Anyone want any plants? It's taken over the grassy bit where it's hard for me to whippersnip out the back and it's growing up into some trees, I'll have to get rid of it. Where it's grown along the ground under the grass it has set down roots.
 This is the macadamia nut tree, there are two, one is the smooth leafed one which carries its nuts all over the tree. It's covered in flowers. Should  be a bumper crop this year if I can  get it sprayed for the borer moth. The other macadamia is an original one, not a cultivar, which has the spiky leaves, fruit borne toward the centre of the tree and the nuts apparently have a better flavour. It's not as high yielding as the smooth leaf one.
 Behind the macadamia trees is one of my mango trees. This one bore a lot of fruit last year after the heavy rain in December/January and most of late last year! I wanted it moved but the person with the machine who could have moved it years ago when it was much smaller (as were the macadamia trees), carried on about the tap root (which showed me he knew nothing about trees), and didn't want to move it. If it died I could have replaced it, no loss, it hadn't started bearing then (well, one or two mangos  isn't what I'd call bearing!).
This is my favourite garden individual. Floyd. He really looks like he's posing for the camera. I asked him to get on his bed and stay. He did. He's brilliant! The pergola needs a good sweep out, there's tonnes of dust and Floydie fur.Another job I have to do. I think I'll see if I can get a week's leave in September (after the timetabling is done), and do some spring cleaning. I think I'll embiggen this photo of Floyd, he looks so good!
I do love him to bits,and he's such a good boy! I whistled him yesterday, he's never been whistled before, and straight away he shot up to me. His favourite "Hello" is to stick his head between my knees when  I'm standing waiting for him to come to me.

I hope to add more pix later, there's some other things I want  to show you.


Merilyn said...

Beautiful Kae, hello Floyd, looking more handsome then ever.

Son-in-law is at the Vet's at the moment, his dog Toohey [a little dog] managed to get behind the shed and eat some Ratsac. Toohey eats anything.

Merilyn said...

Must be something with Jack Russells, son-in-law when leaving saw another dog being rushed in with the some thing as Toohey, yep Ratsac.

Anonymous said...


always keep some vitamin K on hand our (late) aussi terrier Missy used to eat it until we put the bait in in a cage she could not get into.

Having rats and other pests is one of the drawbacks of living on a farm.

I don't particularly mind them, but like snakes, I prefer them a bit further away.