Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Computer woes

My laptop is on the fritz, won't start up without an argument and a few attempts with a long wait.

I've ordered a new one and should have it by the end of the week, then I'll have  to find out what to do about my wireless modem - can't remember the password!

I bought a baby Acer a while back, but I can't do  the non-bloodnut website stuff on it, it's only good for email and surfing (but not at home until  I sort out the password for the wireless  modem!).


1735099 said...

The iPad's a better deal if all you want is to email and surf the net. For example, you can't carry a laptop down the street to use for navigation or read the news easily or communicate with a non-verbal person. all these things are straightforward on a tablet. The Apps are limitless and cheap.

kae said...

I have a Navman (or Dash Lady as my brother calls it), and an iPhone.

The Navman navigates, the iPhone phones (and sometimes photographs), and the computer computes for me.

Anonymous said...

The Navman navigates, the iPhone phones (and sometimes photographs), and the computer computes for me.
A way of thinking after my own!

Once I had a machine that was a mower, a tiller-rotary hoe, did none of those jobs well and was a complete waste of money.

My phone takes pictures too but my SLR digital camera creates works of art.

Ps if you can get into the setup on your wireless dongle you can change the password, or ring up your provider and let them guide you through.

kae said...

LOL Michael, I knew I wasn't alone.

The iPhone may take (ordinary) pictures, but my Canon IXUS takes great photos, all the recent ones on my blog are taken with the IXUS.

My rotten mower won't start. Should check there's fuel in it and maybe that problem will be solved... though I might need to put some floats on it so I can mow the grass, it's been WET here!

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Fsssst ... whiiiiine ... fsssst ... Mick here kae and must warn you .... garble garble garble ... so there is a great danger that ... squawk ... sqwark sqwark ... Very serious situation. Vital that you get back to ... fsssst ... fsssst ... before ... high pitched whiiine ... on garble ... sday ... clunk ... clunk

kae said...

Say again?

Minicapt said...

New MacBook Air arrived today, so I can only empathise.


Merilyn said...

Now you have done it Mick, you have upset Kae's Laptop even more, it could just spit the dummy and not work at all, you will just have to say sorry!

kae said...

It's here!
It's here!

Now to remember/find the password for the wireless modem...

Merilyn said...



You are off the hook, Mick.