Friday, October 14, 2011

Magic soccer player.... at two years old!


Merilyn said...

Thank you Kae for the light hearted moment, enjoyed that.

prairiecat55kc said...

Ditto, what Merilyn said!

OT: Kae, what's the chances of you shipping your yankee blog-sister & her husband some TimTams? Duffy had them when he was in Oz some years back, has developed a craving. There are supposed to be some in stores in October but have had NO luck finding any...would you be willing to help? I can repay your postage!

kae said...

He's a smart little colt.

He'll be a trotter when he grows up... if he's not a soccer player!

I've emailed you about the bikkies - they're on special now.

Merilyn said...

Prairiecat am eating a Double Coat TimTam right now with a cup of tea. Heh Yummy.

When you get your supply, enjoy.

kae said...

Hi Merilyn
I saw them in Woolies for $1.95/pack.
I saw ONE pack of honeycomb ones, I bought them. I've had one. Yum yum! Never had those ones before. I like the black forest ones, original, and caramel.
I'm sure I'll like more of them but don't buy them very often as I think they are highway robbery!

Merilyn said...

Snap Kae, bought the Double Coat TimTams. [Three packets].