Sunday, October 23, 2011

Garden bounty

Yesterday was cool so I spent some time working in the garden, er, "garden". It's in inverted commas because it's really just the yard!

I found four jacaranda seedlings, several macadamia nut tree seedlings under the main trees, and many runners from the jasmine which have rooted under the long grass. I'll have to dig more of the jasmine up to give away. I managed to dig up four jacaranda seedlings with roots and pot them as well as four macadamia seedlings. Digging up the macadamias was painful, I thought my hands were going to snap off as the soil is rich under the macadamia trees and they have spread a thick mat of fine roots very close to the surface.

There are a couple of people at work who have just built new homes. I  might be able to give them some of the seedlings.

There are flowers on the mango trees, and I can see a  few tiny mangoes already.

Saturday was the fourth Saturday of the month so the local market was on  in town. Oh dear. It was pay week. Oh double dear. I took cash. Oh triple dear. I bought a gardenia, the large one with the big leaves and flowers, and as fruit and veg I found a nice cauli, some broccoli, kiwi-fruit, and a rockmelon. Then I saw my friend the rose lady. Big mistake. All her roses were out. *sigh* I'm starting a new rose garden. I had one  years ago with more than 52 bushes, but when  I had to commute so far to work and during the drought, I couldn't keep the grass down and  the water up. The  roses eventually died, they had borers. Silly thing is that the hibiscus are still going (most of them), when only two roses survived and those two were strays near the fence and not in the rose bed!

Today I've potted up some hanging tomato plants for my neighbours across the street (a gift), and  a  tub of tomatoes for me (to give away, I don't eat them!), and some hanging strawberries. I'll see how they go. I have to repot some cheap azaleas I bought as they're just in the pots they were started as cuttings in.

If I could get up out of my arm chair I'd take a photo of my potted up free seedling plants.

I don't  think I'll be lifting myself out of the chair for a while.

Maybe later.

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Merilyn said...

Hope you are not feeling stiff and sore today after all that.