Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let me make this clear (Insiders 23OCT10)

Bill Shorten. All I heard him say was "wrecking ball", "Abbott",  "wrecking ball", "Abbott",  "relentless negativity", "Abbott".

Wiff Bill Shorten up fere I'm sure we'll be finking how well off we are wiff the carbon tax. Monff after monff we'll be singing the praises of the ALP when we elect vem next election,  just so vat the wrecking ball vat is Abbott won't get in.

Bill has trouble with his "f" and "v" pronunciation and his "th" and "f" pronunciation. He sounds ridiculous and I can't get past that and his continual mentions of Tony Abbott (hey, Tony Abbott is in opposition, haven't you noticed?).


stackja1945 said...

Bill's f-ing prognostications.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Shorten - making village idiots look clever since 2009

Merilyn said...

Wonder if they all dream about Tony Abbott? Seems he is to blame for everything.

After all that's all they want to talk about. Not what they have done, but what Tony Abbott COULD do.