Sunday, October 9, 2011


When I was in Sydney in early June I caught up with some people. One of them is an amazing cook who experiments regularly with preserving as well as anything else to do with the kitchen - all her experiments are successful as far as I know.

My Blogfriend visited  me at Mum's place and  brought morning tea with her. Raspberry and white choc muffins (my favourite, YUM!), cinnamon scrolls, and also some jars of jam and some tomato soup she had made. Mum kept the soup, she said it was delicious, and we split the jam. I gave some ginger and something to MDFD who likes ginger. Mum kept the apricot as she loves that, and a few other jams.

Raspberry and peach sounded just right for me, and it was! I wish I'd got a larger jar. At the moment I'm into the nectarine and plum. Fab. I like these because they don't have as much sugar as normal jams have. When/if I buy jam at the shop it's usually too sugary for me. I like my jam to have a bit of bite (but I don't like marmalade).


cav said...

Kae, Kae, Kae

Don't you know that when you pile cream on jam it negates the sugar.

The thicker the cream the better it fights that sugar.

Merilyn said...

Nectarine and Plum, hmmm, like the sound of that, home made Apricot Jam is to kill for. Cream on top yep that's good to, bread, jam and cream yummy.

Mr. Bingley said...

Raspberry and peach sounds pretty delish!

kae said...

Brilliant idea, I'll buy some scones in the week and have some of the plum and nectarine jam with them and some cream. You can never have too much cream!

No, it's gotta be scones. Mmmmmm. The jam is lovely. And not slop like store bought jam (though I buy St Dalfours jam/fruit spread in the supermarket).

Mr Bingley
Trust me, it was delish! A small jar, but I made it last.

Anonymous said...

Sounds YUMMY!