Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worth a look - ABC AM Today

Guys, Tim, ya gotta read this:
Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister’s labelled you the biggest wrecker ever to serve in a leadership role. Are you a wrecker?

I think we’ve got a Prime Minister who is the great betrayer of the Australian people. She was absolutely crystal clear before the last election, “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” and if the bills pass the parliament today this will be an act of betrayal and every Labor member of parliament would’ve broken faith with his or her electorate.
and this:

Are you cranky with Sophie Mirabella? She’s been kicked out of parliament for 24 hours with the Government struggling to get the numbers for the vote to enable its Malaysia swap. The Government might well bring this vote on early now.

Well, the Government made a clear commitment that the people swap vote would be on Thursday. The Government made a special request to us to debate the covered bonds issue in the parliament today. The Government said that covered bonds needed to be expedited through the parliament so that the banks could start issuing these things so that interest rates could stay as low as possible. Now, the Government said that it was very, very important that this legislation go through the parliament today. They said that they would put the Malaysia people swap legislation to the parliament on Thursday and I would think that if this is a government with any respect for the parliament, that’s the procedure that they would follow.

But it may well bring it on.

Well, they would be breaking their word.


Wand said...

It's been some day -- death of democracy ALP Style.

And interestingly Tim Blair went to Canberra for the vote so perhaps he'll write about it tomorrow.

With his post today, I put up my Dr Seuss submission -- and (I suppose?) it was too controversial to make it.

And this is what I wrote:

Oh say can you say, it’s Carbon Tax Day
The Australian people have not got their way
Because Julia has ruled that we should obey
Her carbon tax destroyer of our lives today.

The tax is rammed through to her squeals of delight
She cares not a fig for the people’s plight
The tax will be good she declares for us all
With a finger raised for effect and with gall

But the temperature is falling just as the tax comes
What fools they’ll be with egg on their gums
As the world cools and cools
And an ice age comes
And the warmists all remain stuck to their guns.

It’s all CO2 they’ll declare every day
Cooling or heating it does not matter
The Carbon Tax will fix all and stop all the chatter
Of people protesting about this bad tax
And the Scams it will foster just part of the act.

One day they’ll realise the extent of their folly
As the world does not warm and the gases increase
And the culprits are burned as the electorate dismisses them
But the Tax is repealed and sanity reign
A new government was needed to fix all again.

Apologies to Seuss - just my contribution which no doubt could be improved with some effort... :-)

As I said at the start, it's been some day!

Wand said...

A strange day indeed ...
My post finally made it to Tim Blair's blog over night - but it took at least 12 hours! On page 1 of the comments too! I won't attempt to work that one out!

Moderators move in mysterious ways

Merilyn said...

Julia Gillard has succeeded in doing what no one else has, killed democracy, all on a lie, "there will be no carbon tax under any government I lead".

As Mick said a few weeks back on Tim's blog, "she is a stupid woman", and she is, because she flatly refused to listen to what the people were telling her.

All she had to do was take her carbon tax to the people, and let them vote on it.

Carpe Jugulum said...

It's official, thanks the the alp/greens we have achieved peak stupid.


kae said...

Thanks Wand, that's good. I love Dr Seuss.

I think that the ALP/Greens/Indy's have reached the pinnacle of peak stupid.

(Or should that be depths?)

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Kae, not depths - it redefines a political nadir in Oz.

The sooner we move to Japan the better.