Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Already I'm over summer (15NOV11)

And it's still only spring!

Thirty-six degrees in Ipswich today, the forecast said 37C here, but I'd guess it was closer to 40C. It's still 36C outside and 33C inside at 5:30pm.


Okay, it's now 9:28pm and the temp has plummeted to 25C, I might get some sleep tonight.

I arrived home thisafternoon and my neighbour's son, who worked whippersnippering around the house last Friday has been back and done some more.


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

I love the Queensland summers kae, one of the central reasons for coming north years ago. Even Sydney is too cold for my liking at times now.

We are a bit fortunate compared to your neck of the woods - the afternoon nor' easterly coming across the Broadwater makes our 30 degrees a bit more comfortable than your 30 degrees.

I'm not so enamoured of the panic monkeys up in Elizabeth Street talking about releasing water from the local dams for fear of floods again.

The credible and historically accurate long range forecasters are speaking of a dry summer yet we see Anna BLie$ and her stupid ministers making decisions on urban services based on pluddy opinion polls for the next election. It beggars belief.

Merilyn said...

34 here yesterday, but it is a dry heat so it is not so bad, today 35 and 39 tomorrow. The evenings are still cool so that makes sleeping so much easier.

Glad the neighbour's son is giving you a hand around the house, makes your work load a bit easier too.

Hi Mick.

PS We usually get the same weather pattern as Perth, noticed that they are back in the 20's so we just might get that to, although last Summer they kept Summer all to themselves. Leaving SA to ask "what happened to Summer?"

Minicapt said...

4C here with mixed rain and snow …


missred said...

good grief...i love the upside down weather reports!

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

G'day Merilyn. I do try ever so hard to get a rise from you over at the Blair's - as if pulling your pigtails during Mass - and you just keep belting me! Lost me touch I reckon.

M'mselle La Mick does similarly of course, as I swan about singing the same song over and over again, speaking another language or using the chopsticks as drumsticks until commanded, gruffly, humourlessly, to stop. Later life A.D.D. she says.

Life could be much worse though - we wouldn't experience Minicapt's 4 degrees here on our coldest early morning, ever, and I'm happy about that!

I picked fruit in Renmark, in your South Australia, during December-January between the last two years of high school back in the late '60s and I recall it was bluzzy hot, but dry and tolerable.

That was on my eldest brother's in laws' spread, named Millewa Station, and a couple of their blocks were on the Murray. Every time we brought a load up to the sheds, behind the Fordson tractor, as a matter of course we'd walk over and fall into the river fully clothed, then straight back out for some more peaches and apricots.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Ooops - I omitted that my brother's in laws' home block at Renmark was "Olivewood", on the northen side of the highway to Adelaide as you leave town.

It was a grand working homestead back then and I lived in fabulous comfort there while the other blokes lived in dongas on the fruit blocks. Their family lived well and I enjoyed their hospitality, a well paid holiday job and the opulence.

Olivewood is now a National Trust controlled historic home and the vast paddocks and impressive working yards and sheds have been swallowed up by urban housing.

Merilyn said...

40 here today, with hot northly winds, air conditioner on!!!