Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My kind neighbours have just found out that he has liver cancer.

It's not from the liver, but metastasised from somewhere else, but they don't know where. He's only 77.

He's been ill for a year or more and the quack has had him on buscopan for months. And months.

He's lining up for endoscopy and colonoscopy this week to see whether the cancer is from the bowel or oesophagus/upper gut.

What do you say? I told them  I'm here.

Their son is still working in my yard to stave off boredom. I'd like to help him to get a local job because they're going to need him around now more than ever.


Anonymous said...

My dad's was liver and colon. Same thing with the docs, treated what they wanted without ever checking for other possibles when he complained of...well, I'll not go into that here...

I am heartsick for them and for you, Kae...

Merilyn said...

That is sad news Kae, all you can do is as you say is to be there. Hope their boy can find a job nearby to be near his parents in their hour of need.

missred said...

i agree merilyn. let me say one more thing... keep telling them you will be there, and follow it up with in your face be there.
many are too proud to ask for help

Carpe Jugulum said...

My sympathies for your friend, but i hope they live their remaining days like they stole them from a bank vault.

Have no care and live your dream.