Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beautiful day

Last night it rained.

And rained.

There was even thunder with some storms.

I heard the rain whenever I woke last night, and this morning it is still raining. It's been very dry again for weeks. Checking the rain gauge there's been 50mm (one two inches) overnight.

It's cool, only going to get to 26C today apparently, but I'm tired of the hot weather we've had for a while, it just drains my energy.

I've still got a cough from that wog I had the first week of this month.

Update: Thanks Anon. 50mm is definitely 2 inches! I'm mathematically challenged. Especially with conversions.


Anonymous said...

50 mm. = 2 in. (25.4 mm / 1in)

Boy on a bike said...

Somewhere, underneath all the water in the backyard, we have a lawn.