Friday, November 4, 2011

Half his age!!!

Scandalous things have been happening in the world which have come to my attention.

The shocking fact is that Max Markson's ex lover who he apparently left pregnant is half his age! My goodness. That would make her, um, well he's about my age, so she'd be about 27 or so. Golly! Isn't 27 old enough to make decisions about who you are going to sleep with? It's certainly old enough to know about contraception.

Another shock revelation, Hugh Grant (ick) has a pregnant girlfriend who is 19 years his junior - hello? That makes her about, oh, 32 - he was  born in 1960!

Then there's Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney and heaps of others who seem not to be the target of these silly statements.


Carpe Jugulum said...

What i find the most disturbing about this is i have a 28 year old daughter.

FKN Wotas, should be shot

kae said...

Carpe, at 28 she's a grown up and of an age to make decisions of her own.

I wouldn't be interested in anyone young enough to be my child - no matter how old I was!

I'm sure some of these people have something in common with their much younger lovers, but I can't for the life of me see it.

My dig is at the silly headlines when someone half his age/19 years younger than him is in their mid to late 20s, early 30s. Surely she's grown up enough to make her own mistakes?

(Besides, your daughter probably has much more sense than to get tangled up with some millionaire/actor ego.)

kae said...

Although if someone was early-50-odd, say, and someone who was 36-ish was interested in him I'd say "Go for it!". Because you don't know where you'll find love.
Anyway, he's a nice bloke and I'm sure she's nice, too. (These are normal people, not celebs or movie stars!)

Steve at the Pub said...

I've ceased being a wowser in these matters.

A few cases in recent years, of a much older man outliving his 20 or more year younger spouse (& sometimes their children) have taught me that love is where you find it, & age should be no barrier.

That such a couple should live their full span, as they are only one bad diagnosis or traffic accident away from her youthful age not mattering a jot.

kae said...

I told my 50ish friend to see how it goes, don't discard it 'cos of age.
(Although I am not really interested in anyone too young! At 30 I briefly saw a fellow who was about 24 or 25. He was the one who kept harping on the age difference, even telling me that "All my old ladies have been older than me". Instant repulsion. We went out twice. He stayed at my place one night and I told him no hankypanky, he hassled me all night. I never saw him again.
A curious girlfriend asked how things were going with him. I told her that I don't think I'd be seeing him again. She asked "Why?" I replied that I thought it was something I said.
"What?" she enquired.
I replied "No.")

kae said...

Don't get me wrong, he had prospects.... father owned a pub and he looked like, er, was built like a league player.

The Wizard of WOZ said...

Just dropped in to see that you're feeling Ok Kae, Merilyn mentioned you were a bit under the weather.

Glad to see you're still feisty as ever.

Though, as the 'child' of us old Blairites (hit the big 30 a month or so ago), I find this thread rather amusing.

I'd very much like to find a pretty young thing with a good head on her shoulders, but I'll be buggered if they even exist.

Seems like all they care about is shoes and jersey shore...

kae said...

Hi Wiz o WOZ.

I'm nearly better, but I could get myself a job as a watchdog with the bark I have.

Tell me about the shortage of appropriate aged, compatibly leaning prospective companion-types around.

I'm pooped. I got up at about 5:45, had a cuppa, mixed some roundup and went for a walk in my 1.5 acres... Ok, I only walked up near the house and down one fence line. I'll have to do more during the week. It's just too much to mow at the moment. I had the yard slashed last Sunday (except for the gully down the back which is too wet), and it hasn't rained, but the grass is already six inches high. I hate green panic.

kae said...

When I was 17 I went out with someone twice my age. Although he was kind and considerate to me, it wasn't a relationship that should have been continued.

The Wizard of WOZ said...

"Tell me about the shortage of appropriate aged, compatibly leaning prospective companion-types around."


Indeed, one finds the supply of intelligent, right leaning, single young ladies to be rather thin on the ground.

Especially when one mentions ones penchant for drag racing. Seems the media have done a pretty thorough job on type casting us all as hoons. Racetrack or no.

Though some of them do seem attracted to the financial side of motorsport...

kae said...


I was born 23 years too early, or you were born 23 years too late...

I quite like motor racing, I went to Bathurst in 1986, I had a great time. It's bloody boring now, I preferred the old James Hardie 1000 with the street cars that anyone could own, not the souped up two car race they have now.)

I went to bike races at Amaroo Park (I think it was Amaroo). As well as Formula Ford.

Things that go fast and make noise are fun.

Keep looking, you'll find someone. But for God's sake, do stuff you like. A friend suggested years ago that we should go line dancing to meet blokes. I hit the roof. WTF? I hate linedancing! I'd never do something I didn't like just to meet a bloke, but trust me, some women do.

I have a friend who would absorb the interests of the current boyfriend years ago. It used to drive me nuts, because she'd get a forensic knowledge of, say, motor racing and all the winners, etc, if the boyf liked that. But she was never interested in it until she met the current boyf!

I used to sit up late in the 80s and watch the Grande Prix. I was a shiftworker so could manage it most nights. I was also a lot younger and so could hack late nights.

Anonymous said...

My mother & I both dated men closer to 30 than 20 when we were in high school. Given the wrong parents now, those men would have to register as sex offenders. And it doesn't take such an age difference, just one being 'minor' and the other being 'adult.Balderdash. What complete crap.

Love is good for us - age shouldn't matter a whit (especially once we reach a certain 'maturity level').