Friday, November 4, 2011

Daytime TV

I've been home ill beginning Tuesday this week.

There's no  doubt there's some trash on the TV during the day.

We've got a new program called "The Doctors" from the US. My. God. I haven't heard so much fearmongering crap and bad advice anywhere else in my life!

Today, amongst other things, we're looking at Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict, whether it was taken care of by a doctor or self administered, Jackson was a drug addict. If his personal doctor hadn't given him the drugs he wanted he  would have got himself another doctor who would. That Jackson lived so long with such an amazing addiction is a miracle. It wasn't a matter of how, but only when.

Earlier in the week (can't remember when, I've been  quite sick!), they had a question from a caller to the show about her son starting college and how she took him to college and saw where he'd be living with a bunch of (smelly, germy) guys and  she was concerned about him picking up some germs and  bugs while he was in college. One doctor said that it was well known that at college many dorm mates did get ill as it was a breeding ground for bugs. Another doctor admitted that he was ill all the time when he was at college. Yes. He did. He said that he probably got ill because he didn't know about soap. He didn't use soap. That's really disgusting. I hope he's learnt about soap now. (Where were his parents? Didn't his mum tell him to wash his hands with soap?) I call the soapless doc Travis Dork (with my best PM accent).

And there are no movies on television in the day during the week, they show them all on the weekend. Which is a pain.

When I'm not feeling like crap I suppose I should sort out my new laptop. Well, it's not the laptop, it's the modem. I'll have to reset the modem and the encryption code.

Worst thing about being sick is not having anyone to make me a cuppa and something to eat. Cooking is a nuisance as I have had no energy and there's nothing quick with a minimum of preparation. And  besides, food has had not taste for several days.

Doctors are ringing the panic bell with listeria. One even said that you can get it from meat - which is not quite correct. Read about listeriosis here.


Merilyn said...

Poor lass fancy having to be so ill that you watch TV during the day, [in between naps one hopes.]

Take care of yourself and get better soon.

By the way here is something that may cheer you up, 2nd daughter went on camp this week and they could play darts, couple of the people suggested putting Julia's photo up for practise shots!

bingbing said...

Merilyn said you'd been ill. Hope it's getting better. If you're still having trouble with the taste buds, maybe try some of this...

kae said...

Julia's an appropriate dart board target.

No, sorry. I don't do chili - not only would I not be able to taste it, but the after effects could be very dangerous! (I can only eat very mild chili! VERY MILD... noone else can taste it mild!)
But thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you don't have listeriosis! Well, that's good, anyway.

I don't watch daytime tv, even though I'm home during the day. Baseball season is over...there are some decent things on the cooking channels, though...I mostly stick with sports-talk radio. Thanks for verifying my choices!

Hope you feel better soon - I'd fix you soup and tea, but you're just a bit too far away, sorry.

Steve at the Pub said...

Watching daytime TV?

OMG, we need to send a care package of books or something to Kae, & send it fast!!

Play chess online or something, anything. While your brain still has function. Once daytime TV turns it to jelly, it is too late!

kae said...


Hi Steve, I think the brain went while I was sick.

The test of whether it came back is tomorrow.

I was so sick I couldn't read!

But thanks for the thought!

Oh, how's the blog reassembly going? I miss it, especially since Mr Paco mentioned you and you felt the need to post every day!!

Merilyn said...

Are you back to 100% yet, or still suffering some effects?

Caz said...

On Michael Jackson: I note that once the verdict come in, there were are remarkable number of letters in paper here, along the lines of "now they have their scape goat". And that's summarising it kindly.

Here's the thing: Jackson was still alive when found. He had a pulse. His attending doctor did NOTHING. Did not perform CPR in any manner. He did not call 999. He did make calls, just not to anyone useful. He cleaned up the room. Someone else had to call 999. All the while, and by the time the ambulance arrived, Jackson was dead.

Now, let's say you have a heart attach in your GPs office, and they sit there trying to figure out how to get your body out of the office without anyone noticing. Let's say they delete the notes they'd started putting on the computer about your appointment. Let's say they don't perform CPR, nor make use of the defibrillator in the office. Let's say they don't call 000. By the time the receptionist walks into the doctor's room and notices that you're blue, you're already dead. The ambulance eventually arrives.

So: in your post-mortal dimension, how ya feeling about the professional, ethical and legal culpability of your GP?

Hope you're re-gaining your own well-being, and will be spared too much more woeful day time telly!

(BTW - Hunter Tylo continues to be most searched bringing people to my blog. Beggars belief!)