Monday, October 31, 2011

Bit of a mess, glad it's swotvac.

There was a really impressive storm here on Sunday night. I got 1.5 inches of rain, but only caught the edge of the storm, there was very little wind, but it thundered and lightninged (or was it lightninged and thundered?), for quite a while.

That storm must have been pretty impressive a few k's away at the campus. The lowest point of the roof is above this stairwell which leads upstairs and also to the entrances of the lecture theatre in this building.

So glad it happened in swotvac, end of semester 2 was last Friday. Exams commence next week.  Lecture theatre may be out of action for a while, not sure of the damage in the lecture theatre. I can tell the cleaners weren't impressed!

We might want to remember the foreman killed on a building site by a concrete pouring machinery collapse at St Lucia today, too. He was hit by bricks and broken formwork.

I'm crook with a wog, I think it's an URTI. I'm sneezing all the time and my nose is dripping, my throat is constricted (but not sore), and I'm over it. Itchy eyes, too.

I think I'll be staying horizontal tomorrow to see if I can ditch it.


Merilyn said...

Wow that must have been some storm.
Good that no one was hurt there, very sad about the foreman at St Lucia.

As for the flu try Capilano Active Manuka Honey, in warm water, or forget that idea and go with the Brandy or Rum.

Minicapt said...