Monday, October 31, 2011

OK, he might be for his electorate, but he's an idiot

Bob Katter.

Surely he realises that the union was killing Qantas?
Mr Katter says Qantas will be foreign-owned if Mr Joyce gets his way, and says he will meet with union leaders later today to warn them not to fall into the airline's "trap".

Pfft. The union is hoist.


Albury Shifton said...

"...he's an idiot"

It'd be nice if his electorate not only woke up to the above, but also woke up to the fact that so called independents are a pimple on the bum of Australian politics.

btw - my verification word was "jetimp" - some sort of comment on the current news?

Merilyn said...

Bob Katter is a fool, and I don't usually call people that. Believe he is good friends with Rudd, from a source on Piers blog.

By the way can anyone remember who sold Qantas? It has been bugging me ever since I saw a comment on Andrew Bolt's blog that it was sold by Howard, because always felt it was Hawke or Keating.

Albury Shifton said...

Keating - he announced on the Sunday program that he'd be bundling it up with Australian Airlines and selling it as a job lot. Before he'd even talked to Cabinet. Some Labor traditions die hard.

Merilyn said...

Thank you Albury.