Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bloody ride-on lawnmower

I couldn't turn it off this afternoon.

Bloody thing.

I kept stalling it on the lush grass I was cutting, then when I wanted to turn it off the switch didn't work.


I asked a neighbour how to turn it off and my idea to disconnect the (flat) battery was the received wisdom.

Walking back down the side driveway I pondered jumping back on the mower and completing the front mowing before I shut it down because, sure as shooting, if I couldn't stop it now, I wouldn't be able to start it when I needed to during the week to cut the front grass.

By the time I got back home the mower was coughing to its demise. There was still petrol in the tank.

Bloody mower.


Anonymous said...

Do ride-ons not have a petrol valve (petcock) like push mowers do?

Skeeter said...

Most lawnmower motors use magneto ignition and do not use battery power to provide the sparks. The sparks are generated when the flywheel is rotated at about 350 rpm or faster.
When the ignition is switched "OFF", it short-circuits the ignition module to earth so that the magneto can no longer produce the sparks.
This means that if there is a break in the wire to the switch, of the switch contacts fail to close in the OFF position, the magneto will continue to produce sparks as long as the flywheel spins.
You can stop the engine by pulling the ignition lead off the spark plug — but that might be a bit scary for girls.
Check to see if you can turn off the fuel with a tap under the tank.
Full choke might also stop it, but that is not recommended for normal use because it floods the engine with unburnt fuel and dilutes the lube oil.

Skeeter said...

...break in the wire to the switch, OR the switch contacts fail to close...

Minicapt said...

Long screwdriver, touch the outside end of the sparkplug (where the wire lead clips on, without a rubber cap) and a fin on the cylinder-head. This shorts out the plug.

But if the wire lead has the big rubber cap, as above, slide the screwdriver under the wire next to the cap and pop it off. Replace when cooled off, before you try a restart.


Anonymous said...

A tall dark and handsome?

kae said...

Tall, dark, handsome, single, useful, respiration, pulse.


I'd settle for the last three alone to get the lawn mowed.

And I hate that grass mowing advert on TV.

Albury Shifton said...

High on my list of things to do "When I win Powerball/Ozlotto/$5 Jackpot Lottery" is to "Get Kae a new bloody mower".

There's a problem though: if she gets a new and working(!) mower, will the fact that she doesn't have a mower to whinge about reduce the small number of posts she manages on this blog even further?


In A Quandary

kae said...

LOL Albury
I kinda like the old ride on, 'cos it's got a pull start and when it doesn't rain for months and the grass doesn't grow the battery goes flat, and the battery on the mower at the mo is dead as a dodo, must have been faulty but I didn't know it. Apparently the new mowers don't have the pull start facility so if your battery is flat or faulty you're buggered. Well, the mowing's buggered any way.

Anonymous said...

If you want to pay for him to get there, I'm sure Duffy would be happy to mow for you. So would I, for that matter, but I think you need someone with a bit more muscle than I've got recently. Of course, if you pay for him to come, you have to pay for me, too, cuz I ain't letting him go without me!