Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Aussies killed in Kandahar, US troops killed in Kabul

An Afghan in an army uniform opened fire on a parade and killed three Australian soldiers, one Afghan interpreter and wounded seven.

A bomber rammed an armoured bus and killed 5 US troops, three civilians and a police man in Kabul.


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Time to withdraw I say and to leave the neanderthals to carve each other up according to their centuries old local rules. We must close their access to my bank account too.

The Boy King stated a withdrawal date for the US troops a long while back and I reckon the local warlords are simply patiently waiting to resume business as usual, and to tear down every one of the feel good empowerment programs favoured by the Western world.

Any Australian trained copper or soldier will have his uniform off in a flash when we do go, to save his own bacon.

With the thoroughly distorted rules imposed on our soldiers it is pretty clear the enemy can readily infiltrate and do their mischief from within at will.

Wand said...

Mick, I’m inclined to agree with you. The sooner we are out of there the better.

From the article

.. Smith said, Australia remained committed to its mission and progress was being made. "We continue to be in Afghanistan because we believe it is in Australia's national security and national interest to be there,'' he said. "Despite terrible setbacks like today, we believe we are making progress, both in terms of training and mentoring the Afghan national security forces in Oruzgan and in Afghanistan generally.'' Mr Smith said Taliban had been unable to recapture ground taken from them over the last 18 months. Leaving now would run the risk of Afghanistan again becoming a source of international terrorism, Mr Smith said.

Julia Gillard said such attacks were intended to erode trust between coalition Afghan forces. A thorough investigation had begun but there would no guarantee it would provide the answers Australia's wanted, the Prime Minister said.

"We may never know the answer to the most searching question, which is why the shooting occurred'',, Ms Gillard said.

Oh is that so Julia? Give me break! How about Islamic Jihad? Anyone with an ounce of sense and an ability to use the Internet can come to that conclusion quite easily. Try Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs as one site worth reading. And most importantly take the time to listen to her recent speech in Houston. Until we define the enemy and what it is we are fighting, we will be unable to combat the enemy effectively. Does Smith seriously think we are in Afghanistan just to capture territory?

I wonder if, like so many other Islamic Jihadists, the Afghan soldier who murdered the three Australian soldiers yelled “Allah Akbar” as he fired? And while that is usually translated to a possible innocuous “God is Great”, Geller puts a different translation to it which is “My God is greater than yours”. Somehow I think Geller is correct.

My condolences to our soldiers’ families.

Merilyn said...

Have to admit that I am coming to that conclusion to Mick, if Russia couldn't solve the problems there in the length of time that they were in the area, what makes those in charge now think they can?

My Sympathy goes out to the relatives of those killed.

Anonymous said...

Condolences to all the families and friends of those who served...

...Mick is right, it's past time to get 'em out. The Current Occupant and every damn Congress since the 60's have tied at least one hand behind every Soldier's back. The only way to 'civilise' the place is to do something none of us is willing to let 'em go. Not worth our blood and treasure.

Wand said...

A footnote to my post the other day.

Here's someone in the US who correctly identifies the problem. “The Obama administration has failed to identify Hezbollah as an enemy. On this 21st century battlefield we are not fighting against a single organization, leader or nation. We are fighting against the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism, manifested at a tactical level as terrorism, which knows no country and recognizes no borders.”

West then goes on to list the course of action that the US should take:

1. Deny the enemy sanctuary.
2. Cut off the enemy’s flow of men, material and resources.
3. Win the information war.
4. Cordon off the enemy and reduce his sphere of influence.

Full article here

We should be doing the same things.