Sunday, November 27, 2011


Some time ago I purchased Roundup in a tiny bottle with two lids. One lid was to the bottle and the other lid was a reservoir which held 20ml of fluid so it was easy to measure out the herbicide without using measuring cups or the like. This bottle is now cracking up and won't last much longer, I'm not happy to use it as I think it will crack completely and leak very soon.

Has anyone seen bottles like this anywhere with product in them? I've seen some oil bottles I think, but I'd like to buy a bottle to do the measuring easily as cheaply as possible and perhaps with a product I can use!

Thanks  in advance!

Just sprayed around the front, in the garden beds, where the new green panic was coming up. Now they'll be ready to plant my new plants in.
Shoulda sprayed around the back first, it's less sunny in the AM.


1735099 said...

Most steam irons come with small plastic measuring jugs. These measuring jugs always outlast the irons. If you haven't chucked the most recent one out when your last iron died it will do the job. It's also free.

kae said...

Thanks, 17.

Erm, what's an iron?

(Just jokin' joyce.)

I prefer not to have the risk of spills and having the container used for measuring sitting around gathering dust between uses. It's also not good to be touching that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Careful kea, roundup needs a different kind of plastic container!!

Drop a bit on some common plastic bottle and see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

hmmm should that be "KAE"?

kae said...

Yes, anonymous (put your name at the end of your comment!).

I've seen what Lantana S600 did to its bottle. It's in another bottle now, but I'm keeping a very close eye on it!

Skeeter said...

You could try buying a litre of 2-stroke oil in one of those plastic squeezable containers — you squeeze the main container to force liquid through a pipe up the side into a measuring compartment on top.
The plastic used has to cope with hydrocarbons so it should be OK for ag-chemicals.
They tend to harden up after a few years and they stop being sqeezable, but by then you will probably need some more 2-stroke oil.
Always wear suitable protective clothing -- neoprene gloves and eye protection. You will only ever splash yourself when you are not wearing them.