Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the garden - frangipanis

The frangipanis are now flowering madly...

Fruit salad frangipani.
Deep pink.
 Pale pink.
 Fruit salad.

The front yard is looking nice.

Remember the videos of the bird chattering last month? Well, they found eachother. They have a baby, at least one. I think there are two, but I've only caught the one on film. I thought I filmed them on the woodpile but somehow didn't record.... arrgh! Anyway, here are a few stills of the baby and one of the parents. Junior is on the top of the woodpile and everytime Mum/Dad puts her/his beak close enough to Jnr the little blighter tries to get food from Mum/Dad.

I did get some film, then the camera's memory card was full. I tried to upload it earlier but my connection died. Twice. Will try again tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

About time you cleaned up the front yard, looks good

kae said...

Statyou WSJ?

I didn't clean it up, my neighbour's son did it for me. I couldn't do it!