Monday, December 12, 2011

Bligh will destroy Queensland Health to save it

First, the debacle involving a new pay system which did not manage to  pay many Queensland Health workers, then the mixed up pay scandal of $80M of overpayments which the Qld State Government  has just announced it will pursue the overpayees. The piece de resistance seemed to have been the embezzlement of $16M, yes, you read correctly that's sixteen million dollars.

But no, oh, no. It's not.

Anna Bligh, after a few days hours of deep thought (read: panic!!), has announced the carefully planned action to be taken to sort out Queensland Health. Queensland Health is to be abolished and  instead two entities will be created to look after Queensland Health. Noone will lose their job. (I'll bet there will be a few consultancy jobs created by this ridiculous knee-jerk action!)

February won't be soon enough for a state election in Queensland.

Stick a fork in, they're done!


stackja1945 said...

ALP women spin.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

They ran puff pieces on Comrade Anna BLie$ on both Channel 7 and 2 tonight, showing a "casual chat" in her office with a reporter who just happened by for a relaxed conversation. I assume the same spontaneous exchange was booked for a Channel 9, 10 and SBS channel reporter too. Bloody actress!

It offends me that the ALP keeps trotting out these female "leaders" as offering greater humanity and honesty. Every one of them has equalled or bettered their male predecessors in the fantastic lies and duplicity department.

I am aware a huge number of women have reached director general level in the QLD State bureaucracy in the past 5 years and I was delighted that two of the three incompetent health officials suspended this week were female. So much for being better at budgetting than those awful profligate blokes.

Appoint the best qualified person, I say, and stop the TV reality show based contest.

That awful, dishevelled looking former health ministerette Comrade Roxon was presented this week, breathlessly, as the first female Federal attorney general. Why? They can only be a male or a female and where is the big deal about being one or the other after all these years?