Monday, December 12, 2011

Durban a success!

Well, if you were listening to the coverage from the MSM of the mendacity mooted at the conference on climate change, the last, last, last, last, last (ad infinitum) chance for them us to save the world it was a success.

I heard this gem reported on ABC AM today, how did this doomer get the job?
KELLY DENT: We've seen farmers unable to know when to sow their crops because of changing rainfall and changing seasons*. The funding is urgently needed to support poor people to adapt to impacts of climate change that they are experiencing now.

TONY EASTLEY: Oxfam Australia's climate policy adviser Kelly Dent, ending that report by Lexi Metherell.
 Read it all here (but this is the end of it!).

The Federal Opposition was quoted, too. "Durban climate talks a major failure", which is worth reading. Many more people should read it as it tells us that a carbon tax will make everything more expensive for no reason except to redistribute our money, and that the US will not impose a carbon tax so their coffers won't be swollen by this scam.
*NOTE: My italics, just how are seasons changing so that farmers aren't able to figure out when to plant their crops? Bloody hell, woman, have you no experience in farming? It happens every year, however, they do rely on long range weather forecasts and they watch the signs from wildlife and insects. They also know that seasonal weather is also cyclical. A period of drought followed by a period of plenty.


stackja1945 said...

Of droughts and flooding rains.
As Dorothea Mackellar wrote.

Merilyn said...

What is stunning is their total "belief" in this hoax. Or maybe not when you think of all the money going into the Green Kitty for it.

[65 today Kae, so can now be officially a "grumpy old lady".]

Steve said...

She'd be consulting a little golden book or something, to learn about farming.

Red barn, ducks, geese, fowls, a pig, a horse (leaning over some rails) a cow (named "Bessie") and a farmer in straw hat driving a red tractor up a very steep hill.

There is also a large haystack, made by pitchfork.

On top of that she may well have watched a few episodes of A Country Practice, or Matlock Police.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I was just thinking the same thing - no one knows the changes and varieties of WEATHER like the farmer. This Dent person is doing a fine job at continuing the lie, eh?

What is a 'climate policy' anyway?

Minicapt said...

Climate policy: how to decide weather or not.


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Happy birthday to dear Merilyn.

I very much doubt an amused soul such as you is descending to "grumpy" Merilyn. I have talked myself into grudgingly, gradually accepting the unexpected nuisance of more years and I now make marginal adjustments. For example, I was asked today on site why I had a loop attached to a two way radio which already sits in a secure bracket on my belt.

I had to answer honestly - at 61 and a bit (nearly a whole bit, in March) I notice I'm more clumsy. The "safety" loop is there to stop the radio hitting the deck in case I fumble when I reach for it.

To their credit the children adjust too - my son and three sons in law are adamant about themselves lifting things I move forward to lift and I simply accept that more often now. Unlike the estimable Molly Meldrum I no longer shin up ladders either!

Merilyn said...

Thank you Mick. [A big grin].