Tuesday, December 13, 2011



You have got to be bloody kidding! Fourteen bucks for the door, and no "liquorice"!

Does it put itself into the door?



Merilyn said...

Ok the curiosity is killing me did you end up buying some new fly wire for the door?

kae said...

Yes, I bought two metres that day. Every afternoon since I've parked the car in front of the carport so I can get the door and lay it down under the carport and fix it.

Every afternoon and every morning I've managed to avoid doing the job.

I'm not good with flyscreens.

Merilyn said...

Kae step out on the road, lift your skirt just a fraction, maybe some courteous male will stop and help you with that flywire.Heh! er Ha. On second thoughts forget that idea grit the teeth, think of all the people who annoy you and let rip around the door pushing that wire in.

E.g. think of Julia, Bob Brown, Wayne Swan, you get the picture.............

Fiona of Cairns said...

Hi Kae
You could try Bunnings, I got some prepacked for about $10 up here in Cairns, then conned my son to put it in for me. I already had the liquorice. It's a mongrel job, but he did a great job and it's keeping the rotten flies out. Great Christmas to you, I enjoy your comments on Tim's blog!