Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm just sitting here admiring my new tyres... smelling that new rubber smell... checking the little pimples new tyres have.



Anonymous said...

You can by that smell in a can you know?
Do NOT recommend it!!!

Enjoy the safety.

kae said...

Taa, anon (what's yer name?)

My tyre advisor (ahem) said that for running around locally the tyres would still have plenty of life left in them and be OK. But travelling to Sydney he suggested that the police may be more strict and perhaps I shouldn't chance it. He's right. I feel more confident with the new tyres on the car if the weather is inclement on unfamiliar roads.

Tomorrow is car service day.

Anonymous said...

Upwards of $800US for Duffy's Tundra, a lot less for my Dakota, but still a major hit in the pocketbook. We've been getting 2 at a time, one more set of 2 for him, then we'll be done with that for a couple years.

We hope.

Dan said...

If you like the smell of burning rubber, I recommend driving with the handbrake on.

kae said...

New tyres, Dan. The smell of new tyres.

Burning tyres stink.