Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Away up the coast for a day

I'm off up the coast tomorrow to visit a friend and have a lazy day.

There's still from Tuesday to Saturday to fill in on the holiday and more photos to show.

I'll just have to write some more.

I have another dentist's appointment on Tuesday, so I'll be leaving for home on Wednesday next - I hope I can get through the floods!


Skeeter said...

Hope you're checking ahead for river levels before you get too far up the coast.
From my veranda this morning, I could see a neighbour's entire beef herd, standing in heavy rain with their bums to the wind, on an ever-shrinking island.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Gees you are missing some rain here kae - we've had 3 inches in 3 hours this morning here at the Broadwater, steady soaking rain that makes the garden look a picture. I'm loving it!

Out your way it's not so affected - Gatton's had a couple of inches in 24 hours and Amberley 3 inches. Toowoomba has seen very little.

Mind you - Channel Every Station reporters are running about earnestly seeking out death and disaster and "It's sooooo scary!!!" stories, and dopes are occassionally driving 1000cc hatchbacks across flooded causeways (well - halfway across) thereby demonstrating that governments are wasting my money on Don't Do It ads.

We giggled last night at breathless reports of the most rain in SE QLD since last January - yeah, two whole days of normal summer heavy falls.

Merilyn said...

You have an election on March 24, do you think you will be home for that, or are you going to leave town until it is all over? [That goes for all who live up that way].

We could do with some of that wet stuff here in our little corner of the world.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter
I usually travel up the NE Highway, so hope it will be OK.

Thanks for the chuckle! "Channel Everstation" and disaster porn... LOL
From what Merilyn says the election on 24 March should dump out the ALP, guess everyone's hoping for another natural disaster to boost that lying twat Bligh.

Hi Merilyn, again.
Goodie, an election on 24 March, just what Queensland needs!

Merilyn said...

Hope all goes well for you at the Dentist tomorrow Kae, and safe journey home on Wednesday.