Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angry Birds

MDFD has found a game she likes, Angry Birds. She plays it a lot.

I played angry bird a few mintues ago. The bastard bit me. It's going to the vet tomorrow to see what's wrong with it - but I can assure the vet that it's biter is OK.

I was in the shower and Floyd was making strange noises. When I checked he was making the strange noises again and he came inside with me, then with a flap, flap, flap a galah flew up to the old dog bed which is hanging on the wall and sat there.

I found a box for him and an old polo shirt to catch him with, and he squwarked loudly when I grabbed him, but I didn't get the pointy end properly. He bit me through the shirt, and it's bruised and red already! I think there's something wrong with his wing, or he's just stunned.

I will write about Norfolk as soon as I can sit and think about the 500 photos I have!

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