Monday, February 20, 2012

It begins

The Queensland election campaign has begun.

Anyone up here who has seen Bligh's advert would be feeling sick.

I can't find the video anywhere, but here's a description:

Bligh's noble, emotional Queenslander speech given during the floods in Brisbane, between reading out press releases from the emergency services (the leaders of which were always standing behind her), is the voice over. Scenes of the floods and of Bligh in the thick of it, then striding purposefully, followed by scenes of Bligh and others looking at the damage from the floods, ruined roads, washed-away rail ballast and formation*, overlaid with the kilometres of damaged whatever and how much has been fixed, nought about the cost ....

Without the 2010-2011 flood disasters in Queensland Bligh wouldn't have a fact on which to pin her campaign. And where's all that disaster repair money coming from? Queensland wasn't insured, which is reasonable, but the premium amounts which made insuring every year too costly should have been set aside as self insurance for disaster.

Oh look, Flood Anna for Queensland (thanks to TRB), and look, over here, it's Yasi Anna for Queensland.

 *learnt those techo terms from my brother, the railway nut.


Anonymous said...

every election time I wish we would draw lottery for the political positions.
there is no way we could get any worse people in power and save all the crap they spouting!


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Replacing the rail ballast and such has gobbled up some money in the last 12 months.

I want to know what they did with the royalty loot from the mega mining boom which really kicked ahead when Century Zinc (up near Cloncurry) commenced in about 1998, 14 years ago; and from all the new taxpayers who have been flooding in from down south for the past 10 years.

Both have been net income earners, despite what they'll say about having to spend money to service them.

If QLD was a public company the stock exchange would delist it and refer the directors to ASIC for legal sanction.

Merilyn said...

I'd like to know what happened to all the money raised for the flood victims, many I'm told still have not seen a penny of it, or if you like a dollar of it.

Anonymous said...

You innocent soul you!
What can one say?

Carpe Jugulum said...

I'm getting shares in a popcorn company. So can really enjoy the demolition of the ALP.


Merilyn said...

LouMac, general revenue? Election revenue?

Anonymous said...

general revenue? Election revenue?

probably both and wasted as well because they won't be reelected if the people of QLD finally wake up.