Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movies - Horrible Bosses, The Help, All Good Things

Horrible Bosses

Don't waste your time on this pathetic dross.

The Help

An interesting movie about a book written from the points of view of black maids in the south. It touches on the segregation laws of the time and tells of the mistreatment of the black maids and nannys, many of whom were the sole care givers for white children growing up in these times. We know that many families in the UK had servants and we know that their lives were not idyllic in many situations.Of course, if you look the book up on wiki there's a paragraph about someone complaining about the book implying bad things about absent black fathers and so on.

As the author was raised in Jackson, where the book is set, and there is some of her in the main character, Skeeter who is the book's author, I suspect that much of the book is drawn from real events. In my quick research I can't see anything to denote that the book was based on fact, I suspect that it was based on Kathryn Stockett's experiences and those of her contacts.

All Good Things

A sad movie, a work of fiction based on some facts. Read a review of the movie and then this Robert Durst, whose wife disappeared in 1982 ...

While doing a little on line research for this post I found this site. If you're interested in murder mysteries you might like to read about some true life ones!


Minicapt said...

The author of "The Help" apparently took several liberties:


Steve at the Pub said...

Hehe, Taking of liberties Minicapt, is not without precedent in Hollywood.

I tender as evidence the entire "western" genre.

Anonymous said...

back then there was a choice of unpleasant jobs often in which you could be exploited.
but all were better than being unemployed

Caz said...

Anon - and all of those jobs went to African-Americans, so that makes it okay then ...

Haven't read the book or seen the film, don't plan to. Nice young white woman condescends to tell the story of how life is for exploited black women. Sheesh, spare me.

Caz said...

Kae - sheesh, turn off the spam filter! Two words to type, one of them illegible? Bloody hell.

Turned mine off a couple of years ago. Get spam comments (deleted promptly) no more than a few times a year. Blogger now has proper spam blocker now, really don't need to filter.