Friday, February 10, 2012

A whole new world

Today I activated my pre-paid wireless WiFi doohickie.

It's amazing! So fast!

I called Telstra to enquire.what kind of deal I could get for wireless broadband, it's only $30/month for something like 4G. They talked about broadband via copper and I told them that it would be pointless as I'm 7ks by wire from the local exchange.

The helpful lady at Telstra suggested I use the doohickie first and if it was OK then I should think about post paid... It's really hard for them to figure out whether it's available where you are, too. Apparently it's via the mobile towers and there's one withint 10ks of me.

So, here it is. I'll check it out over the weekend and see how the uploads to this blog go, I'll try to write more about Norfolk Island and put some more photos up.

So, works still flat out and I'm stressed and forgetting everything (forgot the AGM for the rissole tonight!).

And the first date I can go to the dentist in Sydney (Fri and Sat appointment) is 20 & 21 April.

I received my sleep study paperwork today. Guess what the date is? 21 April.

I checked some airfares tonight. A hundred bucks each way, but the times don't suit for leaving, it will take me almost 2 hours to get to Gold Coast airport. And I have to be there half an hour prior to the boarding I think.

Just shoot me.


Merilyn said...

"Just shoot me", NOTE TO MICK [where ever you are], Kae does NOT mean that literally.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of these appointments are truly out of your hand?

To think otherwise is frightening, when one thinks of the job you do!

Just joking and apologising in advance but evil thoughts come to me sometimes.

The Evil one.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Dear Merilyn:

In Sydney a couple of years back, baby daughter* sitting in back seat en route to one of the other's home murmurs "Dad, you talk too much!"

Dad says "I'm closer to the exit door than the entrance these days darling - I might be dead in ten years and I've got a hell of a lot yet to say in an ever decreasing period of time."

Baby daughter observes, wryly "One of us'll shoot you before then!"

* my "baby" who turned 30 last month - now I is getting oldish, boo hoo!!

Merilyn said...

30? She is still a baby. Good to know you are ok. Keep talking lad!

Carpe Jugulum said...

About time you got that wireless doohickey :)

Ian said...

Kae I 'm out in the bush and my only decent connection comes via wireless Telstra broadband. I also happen to be a Network Engineer by profession.
Check how many bars of signal you get and if it's anything less than 4 bars I'm happy to share with you how I managed to get my link which is 20Kms from the the POP, which at 1 and 2 bars was delivering 450K to about 700K, to delivering 1.8M to about 2.2M and that is a difference you will really notice.