Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Kitchen Rules

MKR used to be a good program to watch because it was a competition to find the best cooks.

Now we have people gaming the competition, with a jury not blind judging dishes amongst other unfair practices, it's no longer a program to find the best cooks in the kitchens.

I don't like this development. Who had this idea? Of the jury, those eliminated earlier in the competition, two couples who I thought deserved to be eliminated early as they were gaming the competition and who have axes to grind with the competitors still left, know who is cooking what and mark the dishes as per who cooks them.

One pair up for elimination tonight have consistently cooked well, and their dish was a hit with the celebrity chef judges, unfortunately the jury decided that they'd not worked hard enough and had enough pressure in the competition so they received a very low mark. There were two other couples who hadn't made very good dishes and they were not chosen for elimination by the judges.

This is not going to find the best cooks.

I suspect that this program has jumped the shark. I wonder what other people who have enjoyed this program in the past think of this current series.

(And four out of six adverts showing are for the ALP, bagging the power that Newman will have with a landslide win in the election, and how dangerous that will be for the state. Well, Ms Bligh et. al., what about the power that the ALP has had in Queenslad for the past 20 years and which they have misused through that time!)


Anonymous said...

Someone in the lunch room was saying the other day that the Labor candidate for Petrie was standing beside the road holding a sign saying "vote for me and I'll fix Northern Road". The LNP candidate was about 1 klm up the road with a sign that said along the lines of..."he hasn't fixed it in the last 20 years, he's not going to do it now either".
I wish it was all as amusing as that!

Caz said...

Yet it's rating better than ever, which tells you much about the viewing audience.

I haven't seen much of any of the series (past or present), but more than enough to see that the cooking is now irrelevant and the whole thing is personality based. The cooks this year aren't very good, don't do anything surprising, so the show is of no interest or entertainment value in that regard.

Not about cooking anymore, just like a high school bitch-fest. Not something I want to watch, but millions of others do.