Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - Eleven years on


To me that anniversary is when I first glimpsed it on television while preparing for bed. It was after 10:30pm on September 11.

There was footage on the TV of a movie I couldn't place. Burning buildings, I wondered what the name of the movie was and kept watching knowing that in the break the name would come on the screen.

It was real.

The dreadful images of the towers afire, the planes crashing, and the disbelief of what I was seeing has never left me.

Unfortunately I suspect that too many people have forgotten the why.

Complacency is not a proper state for any of us after 9/11.

MissRed has gathered some images and her thoughts and posted here.

My previous 9/11 posts.
Some photos of WTC from my father's collection.


missred said...

For some reason, maybe this election, I am angrier today than I have ever been before. My blog post is tame compared to what I have been posting on facebook. Thank you Kae for the link.
May we always hold that feeling we had on that day 11 eleven years ago forever in our hearts and never forget or forgive.

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Mr. Bingley said...

Thanks again, kae