Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road rage shooting, Gold Coast, Queensland

The man was shot in the stomach at close range about 10.40pm on Monday as he stood by his utility, decorated with Australian flags, on the Gold Coast Highway at Burleigh Heads.
Detective Inspector Marc Hogan said he believed the unnamed victim had stopped to confront people in a second vehicle after an altercation while travelling south along the highway.
Full article here.

Road rage? No reason to shoot someone.


Skeeter said...

Every night the news is about violence in Gaza or the Gold Coast. Mostly the Gold Coast and mostly within 20 km of my place.
There must be some safe place I can shift to.

RebeccaH said...

[i]The red or maroon sedan was also believed to have been carrying multiple passengers, one of whom was described as being of Middle Eastern appearance.[/i]

But of course the police don't believe racism was involved.

Anonymous said...

I thought this type of incident would stop with the banning of guns. Ho hum.

That 17 year old tattooed piece of scum who ran away from the police recently after killing the elderly man in a car accident, was found hiding with his 32 year old mother not far from my home.

Aside from my wife having a gun poked into her stomach at work and two of my children having being involved in unprovoked physical attacks in the last few years, the Gold Coast is a fine place to live. Mehaul.