Sunday, June 21, 2009

Insiders. Now.

Tailgate. Seems to be the main theme of the programme.

Grech's career is finished. I feel bad for him. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, and he has done nothing wrong.

Should be interesting.

Peter Costello is on in "Talking Pictures", the Cartoon segment.


Steve at the Pub said...

Julia Gillard isn't involved in the "ute affair".

Though she does manage to (just) suppress her schadenfreude at seeing Rudd & Swann in their own personal electoral hot water.

Swann being interviewed by Laurie Oakes did nothing but appear flustered and bluster about, thus confirming guilt. Swan is too transparent. He is either triumphant or trembling.

Clearly some sort of deal between Peter Costello & the ALP. Swann & Gillard are so flowery about him now (in contrast to all previous statements: "world's most idiot treasurer")

Though Swann had better hope like hell that his calls for Turnbull to resign (right now) don't come true, or Costello may be drafted into being opposition leader.

kae said...

Hi Steve ATP
I missed Oakes and Swann.

I doubt much will come of this, except the destruction of Godwin Grech.

Right now I'm with those who say that any inquiry pursued should be of the facts and the emails which do exist.

stackja1945 said...

PSU or whatever are not helping Godwin Grech. Why?

Skeeter said...

That bitter, hating old lefty (Brian Harvey?) on the "right" couch had not one kind word for Costello:

Costello after 11 years as Treasurer hasn't a single major structural reform to his name. He made worse the burden of the Age population. He left behind the bloated upper class, middle class welfare system and amazingly enough he left behind structural budget deficit in the middle of a revenue boom and that's no— not a good performance for 11 years.

He's right of course. There is no way those successful upper and middle class bastards should benefit from the economy that they have generated. /sarc

Re Grech. The way his boss Martine was answering all his questions for him was appalling. I thought that Grech performed remarkably well under the circumstances. He deserves promotion rather than sacking.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Very illuminating to watch the Canberra PS Mafia in action.

Poor skinny little Grech being offered up as a human sacrifice to the Senate Committee. Sitting alongside his (allegedly apolitical) boss who bullied, cajoled, interrupted, put words in his mouth and essentially threw him on the funeral pyre.

Sickening. Like watching a pack of jackals tear apart a baby deer.

Nobody from either side will come out of this debacle with any credit.

Wand said...

" I doubt much will come of this, except the destruction of Godwin Grech.

Well that has started.

Very illuminating to watch the Canberra PS Mafia in action.

I agree having watched pretty well Grech's whole performance on APAC.

Skeeter said...

A relative who has just finished a long and distinguished career in a state public service has given me some significant advice on dealing with the PSs.
His most notable caution was that the various state and federal PSs exchange info on a monthly basis.
If you are in the habit of complaining to your public servants, your name will be flagged and added to a list of the nation's more litigiously-inclined citizens.